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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Review: A Temptation of Angels by Michelle Zink

Series: I hope so!!!!!
Author: Michelle Zink
Publisher: Dial Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: 20 March 2012
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

Even angels make mistakes in this page-turning epic romance.

When her parents are murdered before her eyes, sixteen-year-old Helen Cartwright finds herself launched into an underground London where a mysterious organization called the Dictata controls the balance of good and evil. Helen learns that she is one of three remaining angelic descendants charged with protecting the world's past, present, and future. Unbeknownst to her, she has been trained her whole life to accept this responsibility. Now, as she finds herself torn between the angelic brothers protecting her and the devastatingly handsome childhood friend who wants to destroy her, she must prepare to be brave, to be hunted, and above all to be strong, because temptation will be hard to resist, even for an angel.

Michelle Zink masterfully weaves historical fantasy with paranormal romance to create a gripping tale of love and betrayal.


There can be no doubt that I adore Michelle Zink's writing style, the words have a lovely lyrical feel to them almost taking on a life of their own to flow off the page. The reason for not giving 5/5 is: 

1) My copy from Netgalley cut out the f's in the sentences making reading a little hard going at times 
2) This really needs to be picked up in the UK
 3) I want a sequel [ : D ] 

An engrossing tale of romance and friendship with steampunkesque elements woven seamlessly together. The historical setting aided the world building and re-enforced the imagery.

As a general rule I loath love triangles, saying that this one simply worked. Torn between the super hot Griffin and the brooding Raum, Helen has to reconcile current events with the images of her childhood friend and unresolved emotions from this time. Although my heart belonged to Griffin I could understand the draw to Raum. Truly if events had been different and had not affected Raum so adversely then the relationship between Helen and Raum is easy to picture and understand.

The chemistry between Helen and Griffin was like an entity all by itself. The way in which Griffin softens as a character due to his relationship with Helen was beautifully depicted. Having built up barriers to protect himself emotionally following his parents murder, Griffin is unprepared when each one comes crashing down with Helen. It was truly heart warming to witness. Griffin's vulnerable side is depicted superbly with his care of a kitten. 

The plot twists were thrilling - the battle of good versus evil - angels protecting the Earth including the records of past, present and future provided stunning imagery. 

One thing I love about Michelle Zink's books is her ability to provide strong female characters, brilliant role models; intelligent, decisive, huge amounts of inner strength and not afraid to go against convention yet still compassionate, loving with a touch of vulnerability. They aren't your average damsels in distress, capable of looking after themselves and their loved ones. They are equals in their relationships.

Although the ending did tie up all of the details beautifully there is a lot of scope in which to progress the story. I can honestly imagine this as a TV series. I am really hoping that there will be more books featuring Griffin and Helen.


  1. Wow, this sounds very good - now just have to hope it gets published in the UK! Fab review :D

  2. Sounds good, why is it not got a UK publisher? x

  3. Apparently Sisters of the Prophecy didnt do as well as expected so they are a bit wary. It really is a terrific book. I loved Sisters too

  4. looking forward to this one, I really hope its picked up in the UK soon! 


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