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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Review: Wings by Aprilynne Pike

An extraordinary faerie tale of magic and mystery, romance and danger, described by Stephenie Meyer as 'a remarkable debut'. Laurel is an ordinary fifteen-year-old high school girl. But something incredible is happening to her. She is changing. Now Laurel is about to discover that a deep and powerful magic holds the key to her destiny.
In  this enchanting tale of magic, romance and danger, everything you thought you knew  about faeries will be changed forever.

Beautifully written debut novel.
Aimed at tweens rather than YA but it still contains some adult sexual themes.
An unusual and creative  take on a faerie story. Lovely nature imagery which worked wonders with my technicolour imagination.
Clever use of science to reinforce the plot - it might even encourage tweens to study science ;)
Ingenious linking of Shakespearean characters with mythological characters added an extra dimension to the storyline.
A heart wrenching ending that lingers in your imagination long after closing the book. A truly enchanting story.


  1. Tween focus with a sexual slant? :(

    I like the idea of science and Shakespeare though.

  2. about pollination mainly as a way of reproduction, but there is a line in there about sex being just for fun, if it wasn't for that particular point I would let my 9 year old read it


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