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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

International Giveaway at Princess Bookie

International Giveaway at Princess Bookie

This is a copy of the post at Princess Bookie's Blog:

Win A Few Books

Its time for a cool contest donated by a fellow blogger!! This is her stash and she wants you to dig in it!!!! (these are ALL ARCS of hers, not finished copies)

This is another fun contest that takes a bit of work!
What do you win? Up to 3 of these books!

The way this works is each book has a post it note on it! You can pick up to 3 numbers (depending on how many entries you are doing, main entry,tweet,post) between #1-15 you get that book/books. The catch: You won't know which book has which post it note (with the number) on it! Thats the surprise! For example, maybe Forgive My Fins number is 10. Who knows!

The winner: Choose your numbers wisely!!!

Up to you! Pretty simple! What do you gotta do?

Promote This contest!!!

Each Option is worth one entry/book!

aka Number of Entries=Number Of Books You Receive

=Enter Contest With Way To Contact You

= Promote on Twitter

=Post about it on your blog (post only)

You must leave links for it to count! You do not have to participate in this contest if you do not want too! Just a little extra fun thing to do!

Example: This would be my entry.

I'm entering, tweeted, and posted on blogspot:


My main post

princessbookie8linktwitter= twitter post

Total Entries Into Contest: 3 Books total

You will calculate this all in one entry, and when I use randomorg, I count down the comments. If your comment WINS, you get all the promotions you did. For example, if you only entered, you only get one book. If you entered, tweeted, and posted on blogger, you get the 3 books.


FYI: If your internationally it may take up to a month for it to arrive!

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