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Friday, 11 June 2010

My Bookcase

By popular demand (really for my friend Clover) and because I love to see other peoples bookshelves/cases myself.

We have 3 of these bookcases in my house, the girls used to have one each but as my pile of to-be read grew & grew, I combined  the younger 2 girls books and pinched a case for myself which was dismantled under pressure by my lovely hubby and then reassembled in my bedroom. Unfortunately it is by the hubs side of the bed, but I do gaze at it often with love and appreciation (the bookcase not the hubs, LOL)

The teddy bears were my girls 1st teddies they had when they were babies and I just love them (and the bears). They seem to think they  are far too grown-up to take these bears to bed with them now (very old at 9,7 & 5 LOL) So I get to have them on my shelf and remember when the girls were adorable babies and not the talkative monsters they are now :D

The pink gonk was a present from my hubs when we first starting courting :D The sign reads 'I may not be perfect but I am perfect for you' After 17 years together I think that he maybe right :D (certainly about the not being perfect - shush don't tell him - I don't want to shatter his illusions *can also be read as delusions*.

The top shelf of books is my hubs (he doesn't read a lot) I have already read the Wolf Brother series by Michelle Paver which he has sitting there waiting for him. I highly recommend the series if you haven't read it, Michelle did some awesome research for it. We have a few more series that we both read but obv I read before him :D The Skulduggery Pleasant Series by Derek Landy and The Secrets of Nichols Flamel Series by Micheal Scott. Both of which are now being passed on to the bookaholic 9 year old :D

The rest of the case is mine, mine, mine!!!!! Here are some close-ups :D

I have taken photos of the girlies bookcases and will post them at another time :D


  1. Love seeing this! I only have one small bookcase, so my other books are stored wherever there is room. Very cool pics Asamum!

  2. OMIGOSH! Your bookshelf is so awesome!


  3. I'm really jealous, I have a tiny battered old bookcase, an inbuilt small bookcase, 3 boxes of read books and 2 piles of books climbing halfway up the living room wall (which are threatening to topple!) Your's are so neat! Actually, I now feel the need to tidy mine a bit!

  4. I LOVE seeing other people's books. And your teddies are cute and all, but one of those teddies is IN MY WAY. Oh my god. So many good books waiting for you. I see quite a few familiar books.. but also SO MANY that I'd like to read. How far away is Wales again?


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