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Friday, 25 June 2010

A Tale of Book Addiction :D

Let me tell you the story of my book addiction, also known as when I admitted I had a problem.

I have to leave the house early for the school run due to limited parking at the school. Not a problem as this gives me a chance to read : D

Being efficient *not* I combined jobs on the school run. I had to make a collection for the day job *eBay Shop* and return a book to the library. I left early in order to achieve all these goals and still get a parking spot.

I returned the book to the library, had a quick scan which is amazing for me as I generally get totally distracted by the books in the library. Strolled out of the library as I hadn't seen anything that I HAD to have. Got half way down the street then realised that I had left my current book at home *shock quickly followed by panic*.

No problem I thought, this little village has a wonderful charity shop for books, I will just pop in there and I will be fine. Plus a good excuse to give the hubs as to why I had yet another book ;)

Ten minutes later, no book for me but 10 books for £5 for the monsters *sigh*. Now I was really panicking *gasp* I might have to wait by the school with no book *the horror*.

Then I remembered the little indie book store at the other end of the High Street. Remember I still hadn't made my collection at this point. So I ran (well wobbled) up the high street in search of a book : D

For a small store they have rather a good stock of YA books.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) I had a lot of the books in stock in my TBR pile and there was nothing there that I just HAD to have (or could justify to the hubs). Feeling desolate I resigned myself to sitting at the school without a book *sigh*. I made my way back to the car to actually make the collection the journey was intended for.

After starting the car I happened to glance at the clock. *Gasp* I had exactly 5 minutes to make my collection and get to the school before the children came out. The school is probably a good 5 minutes drive from there and traffic at the end of school is always a nightmare plus there was the parking problem to consider.

I shot over to make the collection, parked on double yellows with the hazards going *I don't recommend it*. Flew across a very busy road in full panic mode. Barged into the collection. Luckily the person I had to make the collection from is a super nice person, he had the package ready for me and giggling told me to calm down. He said 'Didn't I see you pass in the car earlier?' to which I answered 'Ummmm, yes, I had to take a book back to the library'. He knows of my book addiction and started laughing.

I then made a mad dash for the school, obviously driving very carefully. Luckily the traffic was on my side (which makes a change). When I got to the school I had a parking spot as someone else was pulling out and the children were just walking out of the door. Making my dilemma about not having a book totally unfounded as now I didn't have time to read anyway. LOL.

Anyone got any other stories of book addiction they would like to share : D


  1. LMAO. I'm not quite that bad, but I'm getting there. I take a book *everywhere* I go, and if I have less than 50 pages left to go I have to take two books, in case I finish the first while I'm out. Oh, and if I'm at the pub or in a coffee shop and my partner goes up to order drinks, you can bet I'll whip a book out while I 'wait'.

  2. Shush Lauren I do that too ;)

  3. Also, whenever I'm on the school run and bring my book along, it'll be the day where 10 different women need to speak to me. I no longer bring my book on the school run :(

  4. ROFL. That is hysterical. But every book addict, I'm sure could relate to this one way or another! I also make sure I take a book with me everywhere. Actually, I carry a tote bag of books with me every morning on the way to work for when I feel like reading one of my books instead of another one.


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