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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Saturday Spotlight: Library Lessons: Greek Mythology in YA

This week in the library I have been doing Greek Mythology because it is Olympian Week with Rick Riordan.
Check out the terrific interview over at Book Zone For Boys.
So I wanted to show how Greek Mythology was being utilised in the current selection of YA books on the market.

Greek Mythology

Plus one of my Year 13 Librarians loves Greek Mythology and he put together the following presentation and work-sheets for me. He has been rewarded with cake and sweets [ ; D ]

Matching Gods[1] Matching Gods to Roman[1]

Please feel free to use the presentations but I would be grateful if you credit the hard work done by my Year 13 Librarian.


  1. Oh Emma, this is fantastic. I wish I was at school now to utilise this. Sounds like you have helped to make Greek mythology hip and cool!

  2. wow, very interesting presentations hun, I dont know how you fit everything in to your day!
    I hope the clases enjoyed it!


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