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Friday, 23 April 2010

Eclipse Trailer!!!!!!

OK so probably every Twi-hard blogger is going to have this on their blog, but as I am a Twi-hard blogger I don't care.

OMG, OMG!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!

I even think that J is not going to complain about me dragging him to the movies to watch it :)
Anyone know if you can pre-book the tickets yet :)

I have to have a little rant though (sorry) but for me it really spoilt it in the movies that all the little girls go and watch the movies but don't read the books. Let me tell you the books are so much more intense. Yes, I feel quite passionate about The Twilight Saga :) Anyone else with me? I gave in and let my oldest watch the 1st movie (she is now in love with Edward), she is desperate to read the books but as they are more intense I think she needs to wait a few more years and keep her grubby little paws off mine :)

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  1. Ha. I still haven't seen the trailer. It doesn't work most places I've tried (including here) but I never got around to seeing New Moon, so I'm not worried. I loved, loved the books the first time around. Not so much the movie.


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