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Friday, 31 December 2010

Random Post: New Year Tradition

I thought since I shared our family traditions for Christmas Eve; I would do the same for New Years Eve.

Every year since we came back from our stint in America, we attend the matinee performance of the local pantomime.

This year it is:

It is one of those 'cheap' panto's with loads of audience participation that the girls enjoy at the moment. I am sure in a few years time they will find it all a bit immature - as many teenagers do [ : D ] But for now away we go.

We try to get there early and have lunch out. We take a large bag of snacks with us that the girls seem to enjoy and they are threatened not to ask for any of the tatt that is on sale in the foyer.

We book early so we can get front row seats. I hate it when people block the view of young children.

We stop off at the local pub for an hour on the way home, this being Mum and Dad's time. The previous landlords were really good with children and had little treats waiting for them.

Back at the house we put on party music and have a little disco along with a hot buffet.

The children are allowed to stay up a bit later, this year I think we will be adding a movie into our agenda.

Then we ship them all off to bed. Have a few quiet drinks, while trying to find something entertaining on TV. I generally fall asleep on the sofa, get woken up at midnight to go to bed, lol.

Do you have a particular routine you follow on New Years Eve.

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  1. Oh I think those sound like LOVELY traditions. We took the boys to the panto once and they LOVED it. Well, E did. The youngest didn't really care much for it at all, but I'd definitely like to take them again.

    We usually have some friends come over on New Year's eve. N and them do a little singalong while N plays the piano. We might play on the wii for awhile and then see in the NY playing boardgames. It's been fun these last few years. This year, E managed to stay up until midnight while Littlest fell asleep at 11:50, bless him.


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