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Friday, 17 December 2010

Review: The Emerald Talisman By Brenda Pandos

Title: The Emerald Talisman
Series: The Talisman Series
Author: Brenda Pandos
Publisher: Obsidian Mountain Publishing
Publication Date: 1 Aug 2010

Source: UK Book Tours - Thank you Lynsey Newton

Synopsis: From GoodReads
To be normal, sixteen-year-old Julia Parker would shed her empathic gift in a second. Life has been difficult since her mother's mysterious disappearance ten years earlier - an event she witnessed, but can't remember. Julia's situation becomes more complicated after a near death experience from a blood thirsty stalker. As high school students go missing it is clear there is a connection to her own experience--past and present. Someone has to stop the madness and a chance encounter with a creepy psychic foretells that only Julia is the key to stopping the madness, but it may require the life of the one she loves.

Written in first person narrative from Julia's perspective. The first thing I would like to point out is that I really did not think the name suited the character at all. Really interesting extra sensory talent of reading emotions was very fascinating.

The mystery surrounding her Mothers disappearance adds a parallel to the current plot.  Plot hints are placed throughout, leading the reader to add the puzzle pieces together before they are revealed within the narrative.

The writing is delightfully descriptive making the imagery very easy to picture. Although I have to admit that I really did not like the idea of the fish pedicure at all. I have to add that the continued use of the word 'drug' made me actually wince, it was that annoying.

Parts of  Julia's characterisation was a bit confusing, the mix of teen emotions made her appear somewhat self-absorbed not in keeping with the general impression I had of her. I did feel that this book has set the basis for the progression of the series. A lot of time was spent of character development and interactions as well as revealing the background leading up to present day events.  Although I was left with the feeling that not enough of my questions were answered. I felt as if I needed a bit more substance to the story. I was a bit bemused by Julia's complete infatuation with Nicholas after their first encounter, infatuation is probably too mild a word, it was as if she was totally consumed by thoughts of him. The portrayal of friendship was really lovely, I guess being able to read emotions makes it easier to know who your true friends are.

The ingenious use of biblical references added validity to the plot. Proving that my fear of snakes is completely justified.

OK OK I know everyone uses Buffy references but I really have to in this instance; Julia is surely a totally obvious choice for Vampire Slayer while Nicholas is all broody, has the half vampire thing going on, and is totally reminiscent of Angel. There I said it.

A really interesting take on Vampire mythology,a compelling start to what promises to be a very gripping series.


  1. I wander if I can read another vampire book. Although this does sound good. I haven't heard of this one before but I shall definitely keep an eye out for it.

  2. Have to say that I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about this one, but you're making me think I should give this one a try.


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