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Monday, 12 September 2011

MG Monday: Guest Review: The Donut Diaries by Dermott Milligan

Title: The Donut Diaries of Dermott Milligan
Series: The Donut Diaries of Dermott Milligan
Author: Dermott Milligan ( Anthony McGowan)
Publisher: Corgi Children’s
Publication Date: 4 Aug 2011

Synopsis: From the back cover
My name is Dermot Milligan and I love donuts.
I have to keep count because my mum is threatening to send me to Camp Fatso if I don't shape up. And she's making me go to a demon nutritionist to sort out my diet. So this is my donut diary, where I write down what I've eaten and my FEELINGS - aaargggh yuck!
As if I don't have enough to deal with, what with starting Big School next week. (Note to self: Don't call it BIG SCHOOL!)

Review by Kain

I thoroughly enjoyed this book so much so that I finished reading it within a day! The reason I liked it so much is because it’s the English version of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Which I also thoroughly enjoyed!
The joke at the end with the alpha ape and the FHK is very funny. Also the way he calls secondary school “Big School” and all the Note To Self’s. His uniform was comical with the way it looks!
Even though this was a good book it was hard to review.


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