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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Musical Moments: Guest Post: The Soundtrack to My Life by Steffi Faerie

It is my pleasure to welcome Steffi of Steffikins to Book Angel Booktopia today, brought together by the lovely Raimy at Readraptor, music recommendations flow freely most days. Enjoy:

lol Hello!

So Emma asked me to write a soundtrack to my life...and its where to start I have a problem with!!

Just listening to the opening bars of this song bring me back to dancing around the kitchen with my mum screaming out “I’m leaving Las Vegas”. I’ve never seen the video before so that was something new!

This reminds me of our holiday to Cornwall when I was 6/7 and my sister was 2/3...she’d been a usual whiny toddler so my dad took me out for a drive. I remember all the windows being down and this song blasting out.

I always thought my parents music taste was never an influence on me, however looking back on just those two songs...they were a massive influence! I love rocky music but I love female vocalists! It wasn’t until I was about 13 that I started getting my own influences. Until then I mainly listened to my parents music and stayed away from the poppy stuff that was out..I listened...but only to fit in! My dad used to also play a lot of Matchbox Twenty. They're awesome too!

This song is sort of in the wrong’s my favourite song by Evanescence, who were the first band I went to see (ever!) but this song didn’t come out till about 3 years later and always reminds me of an ex. (He was a constant drunk dialler!)

When I was a bit older I made some new friends and they showed me music like Blink 182 , Nickelback ,HIM, Funeral for a Friend and From First to Last..all a mix of heavy stuff with a couple and very pretty songs!

Then when I got to University I ended up listening to what was in the clubs, or what my friends listened to and got out of the rock music unfortunately...listening to all these again makes me want to go back to those roots! There was a rock club and they were pretty good, I just usally got too drunk to appreciate the music...This was one of my favourite songs to dance to...

But then....then there was Ingrid Michaelson...I currently LOVE her! The first song I heard by her was “Keep Breathing” and I advise all to check it out...I first heard it on Grey’s Anatomy and it just fit so well into the scene.

I LOVE to sing in my car to this song...ever since passing my test and getting a car I love listening to music I can bop along to and this is one of the best to do that...People look at you weird though when singing the lyrics!

So there we go...hopefully you’ve found something new to listen to!

Thank you so much for that brilliant Music post <3


  1. great musical selection and i love how you can really see how the music from your youth has shaped your musical tastes now :)

  2. great choices Steffi! I love most of these songs! :D (and thanks for mentioning me Emma, I feel special! lol)


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