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Sunday, 3 October 2010

In My Mailbox #21

Again this weeks IMM shows the generosity of the whole book community. Hugs all around. You guys rock my world. All links lead to Amazon so you too can enjoy the books ;)

Hosted by the wonderful Story Siren.

From Amazon - I love pre-orders especially when you get them early ;)

From the most lovely Lynsey Newton at UK Book Tours


From the lovely Lyndsey from Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. Thank you for sharing with me Lyns.

Out for Blood by Alyxandra Harvey
(The Drake Chronicles - gosh I love this series)

From Jenny at Wondrous Reads. Big hugs. Look at the gorgeous swag, beautiful isn't it : D

Frightfully Friendly Ghosties: Ghost Holler-day by Daren King (obviously for the girlies *hmm maybe not*)
(Crank blew me away - really it should be required reading at secondary school)

See this lovely pile of books. They are all from the gorgeous Luisa Plaja for the library. Can you believe it - awesome or what???? I am starting to get to know the readers and believe me I am so excited to see their faces when I take these in. Luisa here is my daily 'I love you' - hugs and kisses.

Fantastic - *jumps about with joy*

OK so my daughter didnt exactly come through my mailbox but I had to include her. Her class went on a school trip to St Fagans on Friday. They had a Victorian school re-enactment and had to dress up as Victorians. Doesn't she look cute : D


  1. awesome books - I really need to read the Alyson Noel series - had the first one sat here looking at me for ages

  2. Amazing books! Have a great time reading
    Here's what I have got In My Mailbox

  3. I hope you like Out For Blood though I think you will love it!!

  4. I want Shadowland, but in Spain I only have the first and second...I hope that will be the 3 and 4...soon =)

  5. Wow, that package for the library is pretty amazing. Luisa's awesome. :)

  6. Wow, with all these books your library must have an endless supply of books now Emma!! Yay Darkk Flameeeee!! ;D

  7. Loved the cute outfit on your daughter and hapy to hear she did not jump out of the mailbox too ;)

    Great set of books again and will look up Crank now.

    Have a meager stash on Aisle B so come on over

  8. Great books this week! I just finished Dark Flame - I'm gonna miss Damen when this series ends. Ever is still annoying me, though. Hope you enjoy all your lovely reads! :)

  9. How cool that your daughter had to dress up for the reenactment! Although probably a little daunting for some of the parents!!

    And what a great Monday Mailbox collection!!

    New follower here!

    Little Squeed

  10. Wow, what a lot of great books!

    Also, how adorable does your daughter look?! :)

  11. I'm with you on The Drake that series and it just gets better!

    Your daughter looks so cute...think we have a Victorian day coming up which makes me *gulp* it was nursery rhyme day on Friday at daughters school and she went as the fair lady from ride-a-cock-horse. I even messed sewing bells on her socks up! (forgot to get a pic...grrr)

  12. I haven't read any of The Drake Chronicles books yet but they're on my wishlist.

    Looks like you got some fantastic books for your library this week. I'm sure the students will enjoy reading them.

  13. You have awesome, awesome books this week. Hope you enjoy them! And your daughter looks every inch the Victorian darling :)

  14. Fantastic books! I've read Dark Flame - it's amazing. Happy reading :)

  15. Another great week Emma - are you the best librarian or what?! Glad you like all the swag and hope you enjoy Fallout! :D

  16. Yay for Luisa (which reminds me I must read Swapped by a Kiss).

    Fallout sounds really good. I wish my old school librarian was more like you - your library is very lucky to have you :D

    Happy reading.

  17. Wow - great books this week and fab additions to the library. Enjoy :)

  18. Your daughter is cute!

    I just finished Hearts at Stake yesterday and I am IN LOVE WITH NICHOLAS! So I'm going to go buy the second book today (hopefully) and I'm sure I'll be dying for the next one when I finish.

    You really did hit the lottery this week! Lots of great books! Don't you just love the book community? People are constantly surprising me with their generosity.

  19. Your daughter is a cutie!!!

    I enjoyed Dark Flame although I liked the 2nd and 3rd better.

    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  20. I like the sounds of these books. Especially Fallout. Your daughter looks cute too :)

    Happy Reading.

  21. Great books this week! Happy reading!



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