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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Thursday Tunes: Guest Post: Musical Motivation by Lyndsey (Heaven, Hell and Purgatory)


If I’m at home reading, I have to listen to music. I can’t read with the TV or films on because it distracts me way too much….especially if it is something with any hot men. I tried reading the other night while watching Pump Up The Volume and I guess I had kind of forgotten how amazing Christian Slater is in it. Needless to say I read about 2 pages during the whole film.

Listening to music while reading really relaxes me and it doesn’t really matter what kind of music it is. I usually have iTunes set on random when I’m reading and there have been occasions where a song has come on that fits perfectly with either the book or more specifically, the chapter.

I know Emma has a song in mind for Sisters Red (here) and so do I but they are very different. The song that really reminds me of this book is Sisters are doing it for Themselves by The Eurythmics. Without even listening to this song it popped into my head as I was reading this book and it now has a place in my music library. Another song that really reminds me of a lot of YA books is Christina Perri’s Jar of Hearts. I don’t have a specific book for this song yet but I know there is one out there. The lyrics are so heartbreaking that it just has to fit something.
You are right Lyndsey it is beautiful and I think it goes great with Vance and Portia ;)

When I write reviews, I HAVE to listen to terrible music. I really have no idea why but it seems to motivate me a lot better than anything else. So many people would probably laugh at my iTunes library due to the amount of crazy songs that are on there. I’m sure my neighbour gets extremely annoyed by me playing things like 90’s songs and film soundtracks at full volume. I go through periods of listening to different soundtracks but at the minute I’m addicted to Top Gun and Sister Act but that’s probably because I watched both films recently.

Here’s just some of the songs in my reviewing play-list:

The Sign - Ace of Base

Oh Maria - Sister Act

The whole of the Rocky Horror Soundtrack
I just had to include this song ;)

(Please don’t judge me on my horrible taste in music)

Wow thanks for sharing that Lyndsey. The word is eclectic (one of my favourite words) not horrible LOL


  1. Im going out tonight so will be listening of that to get me in a good mood!

  2. Oh omg music. I'm such a noob about music! But I do love Oh Maria from Sister Act, lol!


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