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Friday, 15 October 2010

Review: Out for Blood by Alyxandra Harvey

Title: Out for Blood
Series: The Drake Chronicles
Author: Alyxandra Harvey
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Date of Publication: 1 Nov 2010
Huge thanks to my friend Lyndsey at Heaven, Hell and Purgatory for loaning me her copy

Synopsis: From Amazon
Hunter Wild just wants to get through her last year at the secret Helios-Ra Academy. To do so, she'll have to betray her grandfather, date a vampire and possibly take down the entire League - all before the end of term.

I really don't know where to start. I love the Drake Chronicles, each book so far centres around one particular member of the Drake family. The family tree shown at the beginning highlights the characters to be focused on while showing the connection to the other characters.

I really don't feel as if I can go into to much plot detail with this book as it will certainly spoil the enjoyment of reading it yourself. Let me just say that I have not been disappointed yet with any of these books and this is no exception.

It is a brilliant piece of craftsmanship how Alyxandra Harvey is able to write a story with central characters and yet still progress the other characters that we have already come to know in the previous books. Nicholas and Lucy/Kieran and Soalnge from My Love Lies Bleeding alongside Logan and Isabeau from Blood Feud. Having chatted to a few authors on twitter and knowing that the characters actually talk to them inside their heads; makes me wonder what on earth must be going on inside Alyxandra's head. All the characters are well developed, easy to relate to (you can even sympathize with the Drake's craving for blood) and their interactions are realistic.

This story revolves around Hunter, the last in a long line of prestigious Helios-Ra agents. Revolving around the inner workings of the Helios-Ra training school. Great insight into how the other side work, giving a rounded picture of both the Vampires and the Helios-Ra. Some incredible twist and turns, leaving the reader wondering just who are the 'enemy'. Courageous, loyal with some kicking martial arts skills, Hunter is a great role model. Here connection to Kieran adds to the storyline and parallels the Quinn/Solange relationship dynamics.

I absolutely adored how Quinn was portrayed; although not my 'type' you can appreciate his appeal. A true 'ladies' man playing the field with unabashed fervour. That is until he meets Hunter. They are inexplicably draw to each other, although they both try to ignore it initially. It brought to mind the ideal of soul-mates and how you cant fight your destiny.

I could continue to waffle about how great the Drake Chronicles are but I will spare you. I will leave you with this - Out For Blood is the latest great addition to a phenominal series.


  1. Dont you just love Hunter?! I have a bit of a girl crush on her I think lol. I'd so want her to be my friend.

  2. Man, I still haven't read this series yet. My Love Lies bleeding has been sitting around my shelf for quite some time now. Must do a re-shuffle of my reading priorities.


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