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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Thursday Tunes: Guest Post: Lacey Weatherford Part 1

Can you imagine my excitement when I was chatting with Lacey on Twitter and randomly asked her if she had a play-list for her books; I was literally jumping about in my chair with excitement that not only did she have said play-list but I could put it on the blog *faints*

Here is part of the email she sent me *happy dances*

Most of these songs have actual significance to the story somewhere.  There may be a couple that I have on here that I just liked.  These are songs from the play-lists of all four books so if you hear something that you think doesn't relate to the story, it may be because you haven't read that part of the story yet!  Anyway, these songs were hugely inspiring.

Lacey knows I have only read the 1st book in the series so far but I have fallen in love with the whole premise of it.

Of Witches and Warlocks Play-list

Naturally- by Selena Gomez (Portia's song to Vance, used through out)
It certainly takes on a whole new meaning when you listen to the lyrics and put it together with the story

I Can't Stay Away- The Veronicas (Used through out)

Apologize- Timbaland (Featuring One Republic) (Used during the scene where Vance is begging Portia while he is contained) God I love this song even more now -I just cant get it out of my head.

Pictures of You- The Last Goodnight (For the picture taking scene in the canyon)

4ever- The Veronicas (used during some of those hot chemistry scenes)

Fall For You- SecondHand Serenade (used at the end of book 1 and in the beginning of bk2)

Faraway- Nickleback (Used all through the book because I just love it!)

Savin' Me- Nickleback (Used at the end of book one)OMG I can just picture it ;)

Better- Lynden (Used at the end of book one)

Tired of Being Sorry- Enrique Iglasias (Used through out)

Speechless- The Veronicas (Used through out)

Wow Thanks for sharing these amazing songs with us. I have discovered some great new artists for my collection.

Part 2 next week : D

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  1. Fab collection of songs there and I can really picture some in certain scenes!


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