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Sunday, 13 February 2011

In My Mailbox #6-2011 plus Why I do IMM

In My Mailbox is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren

I don't know whether you have all seen Kristi's post about Blogging and the cruel comments made about IMM by an *author person*(click here to view the post)

Not to jump on the bandwagon or anything I would just like to take this opportunity to express why I do IMM.

I don't get a lot of review copies - I don't like to just request stuff from publishers if I already have a massive TBR pile and I know that the book requested, although I may want to read it is not a high priority. Some of the review books I have received I have not requested but have been kindly sent to me, therefore by showcasing them in an IMM post I can show my gratitude to that publisher. If the book is not the kind of thing I generally read I will pass it onto a fellow blogger who will have more interest in it. Sound fair to you so far???

Some review books I have been approached to read are more for work than my own personal taste, however this provides me with an insight into books which has proved invaluable in the school library. Plus I get to take them into the school library for the pupils to read - small sacrifice of my reading time to give pupils a 'subjective' opinion about a book while providing new books for them to read wouldn't you agree?

Reason 2 for doing IMM - a lot of the books I am lucky enough to read have been loaned by friends or from UK Book Tours (I think I have read 14 books so far Lyns [ : D ]) without these people I would not have the chance to read such brilliant books. IMM is a really small way to say thank you - believe me guys it is nothing to how grateful I am for your kindness. 
Slight whinge about this point too _ do you think that if you are sent a book that you should say who that book has come from or do you just 'umbrella' it all together under the IMM label. I think part of my OCD and obsession with good manners is that you state who that book has come from. What do you think?

Reason 3 for doing IMM - through the generosity of UK bloggers/authors and publishers I have received books for the school library. By showcasing them on my IMM I feel is a small way to express the gratitude I feel for this generosity. Seriously the pupils are ecstatic about the selection of books we have had in. Take a look at my I Heart RHCB IMM to fully appreciate what I mean.

Reason 4 for doing IMM - my local library has been brilliant about getting books in for me and the girlies. They listen to my suggestions, have increased their YA/MG stock gaining more of my pupils. What better way to showcase their range than through IMM.  

So there you have it - the reasons I do IMM. Your thoughts would be really appreciated - THANK YOU.

Onto this weeks IMM (which also reinforces the points I have made above):

From UK Book Tours (hugs Lyns)

Loaned from the gorgeous Sya at The Mountains of Instead

Received via swapping

I think this weeks IMM proves my point [ : D ]


  1. The Iron Fey books are brilliant! I love them :D And Anna and the French Kiss is just amazing. St. Claire stole my heart ;p
    Happy reading!

  2. do you know what

    i freakin love IMM

    I love showing off what I've got from publsihers and blogging friends both to be polite and thank them and to make people aware of new titles. I also often use the comments people leave as an indicator of who to send my doubles to!!

    I also love seeing what other people have got and end up adding so much to my wishlist because of it.

    If people don't like it they don't have to participate.

    PS I will send your parcel soon - I didn;t get anywhere near a post office this week :(

  3. Hello love!

    I totally agree with you and Kirsty - I love IMM. If people have a problem with it then skim over the posts and don't take part, it's simple. I have a bit of a freak out about the Blogger Hop on a Friday but I would never think of bashing anyone who took part, I just don't read the posts about it and everyone's happy.

    All this blogger/author negativity is just silly and needs to stop, I think. We should all be happy and hug it out. And then have a cocktail and a boogie.

    I don't take part in IMM every week, normally because I'm not organised enough to get the post up in time for Sunday morning but I always do a post every couple of weeks or so. I add so many books to my wishlist because of it, as well. It's all good!

    :) x

  4. Interesting post. The main reason I gave up doing IMM was because I felt that to readers who aren't bloggers, sometimes it can look a little in bad taste. I think that like you, most bloggers have positive reasons for taking part in IMM, and I think it's each individual's decision, but I felt uncomfortable about the way mine looked to non-bloggers and that's why I dropped it. I still read other people's though!

  5. I'm with you and Kristi. I love IMM. I like the chance to share what I've got because I know my TBR is insane and the chances of me actually reading and reviewing a lot of them could be months away. I don't get a lot of review copies, so most of them are ones I've bought and I like sharing that I'm exicted about them and seeing if others have read them already as well and what they think about them. I also, like you, love the chance to thank those who do give me books, be it Lynsey or publishers. I think it's important to do so because each ARC or Tour book I am given, is a gift. No one needs to give me free books. I love buying them. I do worry sometimes how the post looks to non bloggers, but it is something I like doing, not to brag, but to share. And I love reading IMM's as well, I've found a LOT of books to add to my wishlists that way!!

    Anyway, your haul, it's awesome! :D lol I love The Iron Fey books! Well, I liked book 1, but loved the rest. The Iron Queen is freaking amazing! I'm on the tour for Anna as well, so I'll be waiting for whoever's before me to send it on! Looking forward to seeing what you think!

    Happy reading!!

    My IMM is here.

  6. This is pretty much the same comment that I posted over at The Story Siren, but I feel like I need to say: These loud, aggressive, angry people? They do NOT speak for me, or the majority of writers.

    I've seen a lot of writers trying to turn it around and say things like 'Reviews are for readers, not for writers!' as if writers who like to follow book blogs and be friends with book bloggers are amateurish or just want an ego stroke. Well, my books have gotten trashed on Goodreads and blogs as much as anyone's have, but that never stops me being grateful to the book blogging community for actually CARING about books. This wonderful community on the internet where books are exciting and authors are important, and everyone talks about reading as a worthwhile, fun part of life - I never had that growing up. There were times as a teen reader when I felt utterly alone. I think YAs now are so lucky to have book blogs as a resource and I believe that bloggers like you are creating the readers of the future.

  7. I LOVE IMM. That is all ;)

    Ooh la la! Anna & the French Kiss! Hope you enjoy!! x

  8. What a great post Emma! I've missed out on the drama this week (which was probably a good thing - as my first inclination would have been to post an angry post in retaliation).

    People have different reasons for doing IMM - personally I enjoy seeing what other people have received as it means stumbling across books that I've never heard of.

    The author does not seem to realise that IMM is a great way to market books that we haven't heard of or books that we like to highlight but don't always get the time to read.

    I don't always participate in IMM, but enjoy reading everyone else's and love Kristi's weekly vlogs. Some fabulous books you've got this week hon. Hope you enjoy them all.

  9. l am waiting for Anna and The French Kiss through the UK tours! So excited =)
    Hope you enjoy it!
    Great week for books and l agree with everything you said about IMM, I use it to say a big thank you!

  10. I love IMM, I love finding out what books other bloggers have got and it adds to my wish list every week.

    Like others have said I see it as a way of saying thank you to the publishers who do send me books and for anyone else who has very kindly and generously sent me books and showing my appreciation for them.

    Anyway, great books this week - I can't wait to start the Iron King, happy reading :D

  11. I agree with you, Kristy, and others...I love doing IMM each week. Even in my job as a teen librarian, I find I don't get to talk about YA books and stuff nearly enough, and no one around me--not hubby, daughter, friends, coworkers, even--gets too excited for me when I win stuff, or when I bring home an awesome new book from the library. IMM is the perfect way to show off what I've gotten to a group of people who are definitely going to be excited for me. I don't think of it as bragging--"look what I got, nyah nyah"--because even when I have an awesome week of getting stuff in the mail, someone else always has a BETTER week. It's more like "Look what I got, can you believe I was so lucky?" And I know other bloggers will understand that, and appreciate it.
    Great post, by the way! Have a great week.

  12. thanks so much for your support of IMM! people like you are the reason why it's such a great thing! i hope you enjoy all of your books! happy reading!

  13. You got Anna and the French Kiss! Yay!

    IMM is one of my favorite Meme's. It's fascinating to see what books people get every week. It's fun to see people get books I want or that I've loved. It also puts covers on my radar. And on a more selfish note, it is a good way to network your blog.
    My IMM

  14. I think Iron Daughter is better than Iron King, so make sure you read them both, the series is amazing!

    Happy Mailboxing!

    Here's what I got IMM:


    Gabrielle Carolina

  15. I love IMM. Not only does it give me a chance to remind myself what arrived (yes-it does get that hectic here!) I also love the fact that in doing so, I enable fellow book lovers to see a book they may not have otherwise seen. They may just put it on their wishlist/buy it get it from their library...whatever...but in turn that then spreads the word.

    If you don't like something - don't do it - don't read it. Simple. We all have different tastes, but that's why blogs are fab...we get to share our enthusiasm about books :)

    Personally I love seeing what everyone else is reading or receiving. I have added loads of books to my wishlist/reading list because of it.

  16. I've been thinking about this a bit. I really like IMM. When I first started out blogging it was a fantastic way to get involved in the book blogging community and also found some fantastic blogs to follow and make friends through, which I wouldn't have found otherwise. The other reason I like it is because it's a Sunday. I'm a busy mum, I work. Sundays are the day I don't get dressed till midday(if at all sssh!) and chill out. I enjoy using this time to call round blogs, say Hi and see what people are going to be reading (as well as increasing my own wishlist)

    While I agree with Lauren it probably serves little purpose to non blogging readers, Sundays and IMM for me are like one big get together. I'm not sure why some people are so hung up on the ARC side of mailboxes, personally I couldn't care if you got review books, bought them, checked them out the library, got one book or one hundred or whatever. I just love spending my Sundays oooh and ahhing about all the pretty books!

    Anyway, really hope you love The Iron King because I certainly did!

  17. I am hoping to read Anna and the French Kiss this week. I got it from the library and haven't had time to read it yet. I like The Iron King books and enjoyed Deadly Little Secrets.

    I think it is great that you use IMM to thank those who make it possible for you to read and review books on your blog. I try to acknowledge where I get review books from. Most of the books I read do tend to come from the library, which makes sense since I'm a librarian. Good for you for making books accessible to your students too!

  18. I totally agree with everything you said about IMM!!! I want to thank the publishers that sent me books, as well as give them a little more publicity for the book they have sent me!! Great post! And I can't wait to Anna and the French Kiss too :)

  19. I totally agree with everything you said about IMM!!! I want to thank the publishers that sent me books, as well as give them a little more publicity for the book they have sent me!! Great post! And I can't wait to Anna and the French Kiss too :)

  20. I love the Iron Fey books! I'm hoping to pick up Anna and the French Kiss and Deadly Little Secret sometime soon! Great book week for you. :)

    I am a new follower to you site, and I appreciate ALL the work bloggers do for their readers. Thank you!

  21. I think IMM is a wonderful thing, and I think that anyone who bashes it doesn't understand the real purpose of it and what it means for us bloggers.

    Anna and the French Kiss!!!!! It's an amazing novel. I hope you like it!

  22. Have to read the Iron Fey series and glad to hear your stand up and shout out the glories of IMM.

    I wonder if the author had any idea that this forum is a manner of sharing our love of books without boundaries or prejudice.

    Enjoy your books and Yeah you did IMM justice girl.

  23. Hope you enjoy your new books!! My IMM post is here. Happy Reading,

    Zakiya LadyWings

  24. Nice books :D
    I'm waiting on my copy of Anna & The French Kiss - can't wait to read it. Sounds fab!

    And on the subject of IMM - YAY Bloggers!!! Everyone I have met, has been so awesome & its so unfair to be bashed, because we like to talk about something we have a passion for. I am in no way professional or have any fancy degrees, but I know what I like to read & have been led to believe everyone has a voice in society today. Why shouldn't each and everyone of us get to express what we want?? Really hope it doesn't discourage anyone for continuing or starting there own - I say this as a new blogger myself! x x

  25. It's decided, I'm going to check out The Iron Fey series. Everybody seems to really be enjoying it. Happy reading!

  26. Love all those books! Happy reading :)

    And I love IMM just for the fact it lets us share our excitment over what we are reading with fellow book lovers.

  27. Well I'm an author AND a blogger! I love IMM because it gives me the opportunity to showcase other authors work, and because I love to read and I want to see what books are out there that I don't know about! Plus it's just fun to interact with like-minded people and make new friends! (Like I've done with you! :D) It's a win/win situation as far as I'm concerned! Plus I can say as an author I get a secret thrill everytime I stumble across a site that is featuring one of my books. Whether a book author or a blog author, we are all writers. Memes like this one make being a writer fun!

  28. Wish I had the time to read all of the comments on this post .. but I am glad I missed out on the drama.

    I love doing IMM, but I also have some problems with it. I like sharing the books that I've recieved over the week and the comments on my IMM posts always make feel more excited to read these books and it's also nice to read when a blog reader has just stumbled on an interesting sounding book from an IMM post. So that's pretty much why I do IMM posts. That and showcasing some of the books I've been sent for review before my review is up.

    But, I don't thank individual people or publishers in IMM posts anymore. Perhaps it's not good manners, but I thank publishers during actual reviews and any friends/bloggers who send me books get emails or tweets thanking them instead. That way it's more personal. I don't send books out in order to get an extra link on someone else's blog and I'd be annoyed if people were sending me books in order to be thanked publicly for it but that's neither here nor there. But no, that isn't the reason I don't name my sources anymore. I've had too many jealous/bitter comments that make me feel uncomfortable. I don't feel as though I've been bragging with my IMM posts but it can come across as showing off to some people.

    Comments like 'Why did X publisher send YOU that book?!' implying 'and not me?' make me feel small, so I find it's better to leave those things off. It may still be obvious which books came from the publishers, but it makes me feel better.

    So, I'll continue with the IMM posts, but it's a shame that some people don't treat the posts as what they are - posts that share excitement and passion for new books.

  29. Thank you so much for your brilliant comments on why we do IMM. It makes me very happy.

    Clover - to answer a point you made - no I dont think it is just to get a link on your blog. It is t show publishers/other bloggers/authors that we share books so for one review copy it goes to a number of different bloggers like a mini tour. That is the point I was trying to make about that one.
    Hope it clears up any misunderstanding.


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