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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Saturday Spotlight: Celebrating Wales

March 1st is St Davids Day and in celebration of being Welsh I thought it would be a great idea to spotlight Welsh Authors.

Please take a look under my Booklists page and you will find a link to a list of Welsh authors.

I great blogger tradition I have asked my wonderful blogger friends to review a welsh book/write a welsh themed post/celebrate a welsh author/basically anything to do with Wales and they will be linking below.

I hope you enjoy the reviews and maybe decide to try a Welsh author or two [ : D ]


  1. You don't want us to link up until we put our review up or am I wrong?

    So glad to see you up and running again. What went wrong and how did you fix it?

  2. I'm now scheduling my review for Tuesday :) Fingers crossed I remember to link. Thank you for this idea :) Another author found.

  3. Finally finished reading Incarceron, so will be able to write my review tonight, to go out tomorrow. YAY!

  4. Just linked :) Thank you for setting this up :)


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