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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Saturday Spotlight: Puffin Book Club

This is a little post about the wonderful Puffin Book Club

This is the way the School Library gets the most new book as we get a massive 50% commission for all orders placed using our school number.

I thought I would do this little post to ask if you are thinking of buying any new books would you check the Puffin site first and order using our school number so that we are able to receive more commission. Budget cuts are a terrible thing. So it really would be a big help to have this extra commission.

Puffin book club account no. 0007916184
Click link to go to Puffin Book Club Site:

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  1. In these times of hardship budget-wise this becomes an essential way for school libraries to acquire new stock. I used to use School Link a lot until they were bought by Scholastic. We have a Scholastic book fair coming on WBD and we'll be able to get stock from that.
    I wish I could help you but my daughter's school do Puffin Book Club too :0(


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