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Sunday, 17 July 2011

In My Mailbox #17/7/11

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren. This is my first IMM in 3 weeks so firstly huge thank you to the awesome people who have been guest posting for me over the past few weeks, you guys rock. Plus you know books make everything better so this weeks IMM has made me very happy [ : D ]

For Review - total swoon here

( if you haven't already signed up for the tour with UK Book Tours go here)

(loved the first one - review here - so excited to get this one)


(Review here - taking this one into school to show off the quotes by Carla and Lynsey)

(this one looks such fun - I have already had to prise it out of the 10 year olds hands)

(the 10 year old has actually read this one just trying to pin her down for the review lol)

(this looks so good and it is set in Italy *swoon* - it will also be going on tour [ : D ])


(already read - such a fantastic conclusion to the Wolves of Mercy Falls series - still trying to decide if I can find the right words to review it)

For Review:

(Squee squee squee - I am not excited at all - squee)


(swoon again)


I had a really bad day last Thursday - so what did I do went to WH Smiths lol

(loved Princess for Hire - for review click the link - so really looking forward to reading another book by this author)

(I have been coveting this one for awhile and what better way to cheer myself up)

From the gorgeous and wonderful Viv of Serendipity Reviews for the UK Book Tours site <3

(review here)

Seriously you guys need to go sign up as there are some epic books going on tour.

So there we have my mailbox of happiness [ : D ]

Today is my middle daughter's 9th birthday (where did it go) so we are off to visit family and get her spoilt. I missed my post for Friday because I was at the school concert - which was totally fabulous. So I thought I would share the pics of my lovely oldest girls who were in the show.

I was going to add a YouTube video of another school doing the show What a Knight but to be perfectly honest with you - the girls school was so much better than the ones on YouTube.


  1. Thats a lot of books to be reading!

    I've just started my copy of Forever... but I'm dying to read Delirium and Forbidden!

    You have such cute little ones! Are you looking forward to the summer holidays?

  2. Fab books and a great selection too! I'm really looking forward to reading Stealing Phoenix and Bumped sounds so good.

    I hope you enjoy :D

  3. That's loads and loads of books :)

    I love the photos - your girls look wonderful :)

  4. great books this week... Im so glad that Delirium has some awesome blogger's comments on it but I really do not like the new cover one bit! :(

    and your girlies look lovely! :D I bet the concert was awesome! :D

  5. I'm drooling over your Hereafter and Bumped. Great books and lovely photos.

  6. David and Amy and Roger's Epic Detour are both brilliant. I'm also nearly finished with Forever and am completely in love with it.

  7. a lot of great books there! i love Delirium :)

    my IMM:

  8. Great set! Yay for Forever. I really want to read the Demon Trapper's Daughter books.
    My IMM

  9. I feel better now I have seen your review pile. It is just as bad as mine!

    Lovely pictures of the girlies too x

  10. Nice mailbox this week. I cannot wait to read Forever.
    Book Sniffers Anonymous

  11. I'm so excited about Stealing Phoenix. And your daughters are so adorable. x

  12. Great Mailbox!
    I'm jealous you got Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Forbidden!

    My IMM


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