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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Musical Moments: Guest Post: Andrew Hall aka Pewter Wolf: The Soundtrack to My Life

It is my pleasure to welcome Andrew to Book Angel Booktopia today. He is the inspiration behind the Book Theme Songs, he has a wonderful sense of humour, is downright adorable and has eclectic music taste as well. Enjoy:

I want to say a quick thank you to Emma for asking if I wanted to do this guest post. I got excited over reading Laura's here (aka SisterSpooky as I know her!) and when I was asked to take part, it took a long time before I got a good feeling about my music choices. I hope you like these choices as much as I have going through my iPod and remembering.

Siobhan Donaghy's "Overrated"

I hated school. I couldn't wait to go to college. I went there for three years to study Media (for two different levels - a GNVQ and a BND.) and, though I knew it would be near impossible to get a job within the world of Media, I loved studying this! At the start of my three-years, I became more open to new and different music and, somehow discovering and got exciting over this artist, I got the album and that album became, basically, my soundtrack for college.

Ellie Goulding's "Lights" and Frank Sinatra's "New York"

Last year, one of the happiest days in my life happened. My sister got married and I gave her away. I love my sister to bits - she's one of the bravest people I know - so when she asked me, I was thrilled. And then came the news that she was getting married in the Empire State Building in New York. That's right. NEW YORK! Insert high-pitched squeals, excitement and then manic saving for flights and hotel funds! So, whenever I hear either of these songs, I think of New York and instantly smile.

Florence and The Machine's "Cosmic Love" and "Howl"

Last year, I went to a lot of concerts (my first ever gig was V2009). I went to Florence and The Machine in May (a birthday treat to myself), Ellie Goulding (a birthday treat from the Person I'm With - although I shouldn’t have gone because I was quite ill that day, so that one doesn't technically count) and Imogen Heap (I bought them as soon as they were released!). I bought Florence and the Machine tickets before anything happened, but took the Person I'm With with me (quite early days). We got there and, after chatting through the two random support acts, danced and sing loudly to Florence… these songs were ours and one, we class, as Our Song. (I have her singing these live if you prefer them. But they have me singing - not good!)

Greg Laswell "Off I Go"


I found this track on an episode of Grey's Anatomy. I fell instantly in love with this track and downloaded the track almost immediately. This song was played so often on my iPod that it has become my Official Song. So much so that it, by accident, become the main theme song for a story I started to writing at the time (and am editing now-ish), The Advance Guard.
(And this is the link from where I heard it on Grey's Anatomy where I love the voice over and quoted her in the story...)

Nicholas Hooper "Professor Umbridge"

Now, I forced the Person I'm With to watch Harry Potter movies and read the books (sorry film-fans. The Harry Potter books are FAR superior!). Anyway, he loves Order of the Phoenix (I don't) and when he watched the film, he got excited over the music used for Professor Umbridge. "This is you!" He claimed, jokingly excited. "It's your unofficial song!"

"So, basically, you're telling me I'm an evil pink-wearing cat lady?" I asked back.

"Well, you're not a lady. At least, I think you're not…"

*shoots death glare then bursts into laughter*

Thank you Andrew that was a fantastic post and you are the cutest person EVER. See what I mean when I say eclectic about his music tastes.

Andrew's blog - The Emancipation of Pewter Wolf - go follow him you won't be disappointed.
Andrew on Twitter - @PewterWolf13


  1. I would never have put Florence and the Machine in the same blog post as Frank Sinatra! Just fabulous.

  2. wow! a very eclectic taste in music indeed!


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