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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Musical Moments: Song of the Month: Chosen by Bryony Pearce


Title: Angel’s Fury
Author: Bryony Pearce
Publisher: Egmont Books Ltd
Publication Date: 4 July 2011

Synopsis: From Amazon

Every atrocity. Every war. Every act of vengeance. One fallen angel walks the earth to bring mankind to its destruction...Turning love into hate, forgiveness into blame, hope into despair. Through the fires of hell he will come to haunt one girl's dreams. But what if everything she ever dreamed was true? Every time Cassie Smith tries to sleep, she is plagued by visions of a death: A little girl called Zillah. A victim of the holocaust. In desperation Cassie is sent for treatment in an old manor house. There she meets other children just like her. Including Seth...Seth who looks so familiar. Her dream becomes nightmare. And then reality.

Review here

A little note from Bryony regarding her song choice:

Whenever I try and think of a 'playlist' for Angel's Fury Faithless - Insomnia always comes top (Dream a little dream of me comes second). Angel's Fury is about a teenager called Cassie, who suffers from nightmares every single time she falls asleep; the same nightmare, over and over again, about a little girl called Zillah, a victim of the holocaust. During a class visit to Germany, Cassie recognizes places she has never been and finds the spot Zillah was killed. Fearing for her health and sanity, her parents send Cassie to a retreat where she finds out that she has lived a number of past lives. However, her Doctor is not what she seems and Cassie and the boy she comes to love must escape both her evil influence and the misery of their shared past.

Cassie is not the only one suffering sleeplessness. My son Riley, has spent the last two and half years failing to sleep through and that, combined with my own insomnia, has led to some very long nights. In fact, in the early days of editing Angel's Fury, a night with four or hours sleep in it was considered a good one!

There are two versions of Insomnia' (album version and censored version). It is in the censored version that Maxi Jazz sings most clearly to Cassie and I:

For me:

"Deep in the bosom of the gentle night

Is when I search for the light

Pick up my pen and start to write

I struggle, fight dark forces

In the clear moon light

Without fear... insomnia

I can't get no sleep"

For Cassie:

"So when it's back this insomniac take an original tack

Keep the beast in my nature under ceaseless attack"


  1. Not my kind of music, but I find it fascinating reading and listening to other people's choices.

  2. I'm a fan of Faithless - I saw them perform at V and the whole crowd were moving! I did consider something a little more ... ethereal, for example Florence and the Machine, but the lyrics to Insomnia (and title) are just so perfect and the atmosphere fits my book, so it was a no-brainer really.

  3. I only really like this type of music on occasion, but Faithless is one of the better ones :)

    I love these musical posts!

    I was on Lori's design blog earlier and I noticed your name is nearly at the top!! I can't wait to see what your blog re-design will look like.



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