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Sunday, 3 April 2011

In My Mailbox #12-2011

In My Mailbox is hosted by The Story Siren where I give thanks to the the fabulous people that donate to my library, give me books or encourage me to go buy them (what I shouldn't be thanking you for emptying my purse, lol).

Huge thanks to Vivienne at Serendipity, Kirsty at The Overflowing Library, Jesse at Books for Teens, Becky at The Bookette and Caroline at Portrait of a Woman. Along with all the fabulous authors and publishers that totally rock.


Donated by the gorgeous Vivienne of Serendipity

(I really liked the way in which depression was handled in this book and it would really benefit a few pupils)
(we already have one of the Tales of Terror series in the library - the pupils love it)

Donated by the wonderful Caroline of Portrait of a Woman

(we have the rest of the series which flies off the shelves)

Swapped one of my own books in order to get this for the library

(interested to see how this one goes)

Won for the library from Books for Teens

Won for the library from The Bookette

(these all sound so good)

Donated by the super generous and lovely Kirsty of The Overflowing Library

(this is a fantastic book and I am so excited to be able to give the pupils a chance to read it thanks to Kirsty)


For Review:

(the cover alone makes me love it)

Tesco BOGOF madness - this is why I should shop online

(I read the first one before I started blogging)
(I have read a couple of John Green's books and loved them plus the new cover is gorgeous)

For Review:

(All I can say is SQUEEEEEE)

For Review from the wonderful Kirsty of The Overflowing Library

(the 10 year old and I are reading the 1st one together - possibly a joint review { : D )
(so pretty)

Another extraordinary book week for me and the library - I am so lucky to know such generous people and my library and I are extremely grateful.



  1. glad they arrived safely and that I found someone who could read and enjoy them!

  2. Yay! You have Die For Me too. I am glad the books got there OK. I only sent them on Thursday evening so that was really quick.

  3. Prisoner of The Inquisition is also shortlisted for the Carnegie medal 2011!!

  4. I got Prisoner of the Inquisition too! I'm excited to read it, I love historicals :) And I just finished Looking For Alaska, so good! I'm jealous about Die For me.
    Happy reading! :)

  5. Great books this week, I love the new cover for Looking For Alaska and Siren sounds so good, happy reading :D

  6. All of these books look fantastic, especially Die For Me and Siren. I really enjoyed Paranormalcy and Chime. I hope you enjoy all your books!

  7. SO many great books! I hope you and your students really enjoy them! Die for Me was awesome. :) Happy Reading!

  8. Some fab books there! Die For Me, looks stunning!!

    Enjoy x

  9. Great books! I really want to read Die For Me. The cover is beautiful! I requested it from netgalley, so fingers crossed!

    Btw, I finished Where She Went a few days ago. I totally agree having that and If I Stay as your book of the month!


  10. Agh, the Tesco temptations. I know what you mean. I've not been in for a few days - will check it out John Green next time.

  11. I just just saw the book Die for Me on another blogger's site. It was a completely different cover. Ahhhh both of them look amazing!

    Enjoy the reads :)

  12. you're so lucky you have a physical copy of die for me. so many good books this week. enjoy! :)

  13. Great stuff this week, another batch of great books for the library!

  14. Hope you enjoy Die For Me! I love that book :)

  15. I love Tales of Terror. I had the talking book from the library and used to listen to it in the car. I had to turn it off when I was driving through spooky woods!

  16. Great week for you =)
    Hope you enjoy them and look forward to seeing your thoughts on the books which l have also! =)

  17. You always have such AWESOME books :) Paranormalcy was good!

  18. you got some really great books. I really have to get Evercrossed soon!

  19. What a fab week for books, as always!

    I'd heard they'd re-released Looking For Alaska with a new cover. You know my love of John Green. I hope you love it. I particularly loved Siren as well, and I'd be surprised if your students didn't love Leviathan!

  20. I so can't wait to read Die for Me. Sounds Amazing. x


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