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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Musical Moments: Guest Post: SisterSpooky Part 2

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I know I have kept you waiting for the second installment of Laura's incredible Musical Moments, so without further ado over to Laura: 

I came late to The Beatles because they were never big in my family but this is my favourite Beatles track ever. Soft and gentle and just content to be what it is. Plus every list needs some Beatles in it!
The lyrics are fab

This band writes poetry to music. Such wonderful lyrics and so haunting. This whole album from start to finish is great but this track is my favourite for the lyrics alone ‘If looks could really kill then my profession would be staring’/ ‘I’m paid to make girls panic while I sing’

This was as near to a boy band I got to at school. My school mates and I used to play this on our CD player with borrowed plug in portable speakers on lunch breaks and dance on the tables in the Maths room.
That is funny.

I first heard this band at a festival when they first came to the UK and this is the last track on the 1st album. So heartbreaking and makes me think that this is probably one of the best ways to describe being in love with a band and being a fan too. I think it’s about being in love generally but I always think it relates to that feeling you get when you are in the moment at a gig and are just at one with the other fans, the band and the music.

These 3 bands and 3 tracks all remind me of my late teens early 20s and they are just great rock songs and are generally played once a month as a must for me  all sort of similar in genre and style: Hard rock/”emo” vibes but such great to play on repeat.
Quickly adding these to my ipod.

No reason needed. Just put it on, turn up the volume and embrace the dance moves!

Huge thanks to Laura for this amazing guest post and for adding to my second addicition MUSIC

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  1. I used to love Savage Garden! I would sing their songs continually. I love that the Eye of Tiger is on the list. That take me back to the Rocky films!


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