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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Saturday Spotlight: Trash Winners


Raphael is a dumpsite boy. He spends his days wading through mountains of steaming trash, sifting it, sorting it, breathing it, sleeping next to it.
Then one unlucky-lucky day, Raphael’s world turns upside down. A small leather bag falls into his hands. It’s a bag of clues. It’s a bag of hope. It’s a bag that will change everything.
Soon Raphael and his friends Gardo and Rat are running for their lives. Wanted by the police, it takes all their quick-thinking and fast-talking to stay ahead. As the net tightens, they uncover a dead man’s mission to put right a terrible wrong.
And now it's three street boys against the world...

INTERNATIONAL WINNER: No 16 - Karla Vollkopf
Re-drawn as no response to email: No 3 Diana
UK 1: No 6 Laura Williams
UK 2: No 2 Booketta
UK 3: No 4 Vivienne
UK 4 : No 5 Louise

Winners chosen by

The Winners have been contacted by email. Thank you all for entering and apologies for not asking for the country details until I was about to select the winner and realised that I was an idiot *headdesk*


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