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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Song of the Month: March: Chosen by Susie Day

In honor of St Davids Day, it is my pleasure to welcome the amazing welsh person, Susie Day, to Book Angel Booktopia. I asked Susie if she would like to pick this months Song of the Month , the guideline I gave was that it had to be something that remind her of St Davids Day/being welsh. Over to Susie:

When fellow Welsh lass Emma asked me to pick a song of the month to kick off St David’s Day, my thoughts naturally turned to the traditional. Sospan Fach! went my brain. Then my brain went Hang on, Susie, that’s a song about two saucepans. That might not be everybody’s jam.

You know I had to include the video right [ ; D ] 

But songs have a habit of taking on odd personal associations. Every March, my secondary school would hold an Eisteddfod: a cultural concert, to celebrate the arts. There were poetry prizes, and each school house would compete. I recall a lot of bassoon solos, and, alas, all the words of ‘My Grandfather’s Clock.’

One year, I was called on to perform in the ‘German Skit’. I had to sing a little song about shampoo. In German. (Well, ish. Mein Haar ist so shiny is perhaps not in any phrase book.) We rehearsed at another girl’s house, and between bouts of dubious German, she played (on a 7” single, natch) a new song from her cousin’s band. We all very politely said we liked it, and assumed she was delusional and had made the whole thing up. A couple of months later, it was a massive hit.

So, in honour of St David’s Day (sort of), I give you Transvision Vamp, featuring someone-I-was-once-in-an-Eisteddfod-with’s-cousin wearing an astonishingly tight pink frock.

Huge thanks to Susie for sharing her memories of St Davids Day


  1. Love the rock song :)

    Is it wrong I always look forward to seeing what song it will be for the month :D

    I will miss coldplay thou, I think I click it to play every time I'm on your site.

  2. Great choice, though Sospan Fach always makes me smile a lot too :)


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