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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Spotlight: Debuts I would like to see in the UK - April


These are some of the débuts that are out in the US this month that I would love to see in the UK; publisher details and publication dates refer to the US.

Title: Above
Author: Leah Bobet
Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books
Publication Date: 1 April 2012

Synopsis from Goodreads

Matthew has loved Ariel from the moment he found her in the tunnels, her bee's wings falling away. They live in Safe, an underground refuge for those fleeing the city Above--like Whisper, who speaks to ghosts, and Jack Flash, who can shoot lightning from his fingers.

But one terrifying night, an old enemy invades Safe with an army of shadows, and only Matthew, Ariel, and a few friends escape Above. As Matthew unravels the mystery of Safe's history and the shadows' attack, he realizes he must find a way to remake his home--not just for himself, but for Ariel, who needs him more than ever before.

This sounds so different to anything I have come across before. 

Title: Storybound
Author: Marissa Burt
Publisher: Harper Collins Children's (USA)
Publication Date: 3 April 2012

Synopsis from Goodreads

In the land of Story, children go to school to learn to be characters: a perfect Hero, a trusty Sidekick, even the most dastardly Villain. They take classes on Outdoor Experiential Questing and Backstory, while adults search for full-time character work in stories written just for them.
In our world, twelve-year-old Una Fairchild has always felt invisible. But all that changes when she stumbles upon a mysterious book buried deep in the basement of her school library, opens the cover, and suddenly finds herself transported to the magical land of Story.
But Story is not a perfect fairy tale. Una’s new friend Peter warns her about the grave danger she could face if anyone discovers her true identity. The devious Tale Keeper watches her every move. And there are whispers of a deadly secret that seems to revolve around Una herself....

Gorgeous, gorgeous cover and brilliant story idea. I would love to read this one.

Title: Blood Born
Author: Jamie Manning
Publisher: Pendrell
Publication Date: 24 April 2012

Synopsis from Goodreads

Waking up in a coffin hungry for blood is only the beginning for sixteen-year-old Ava Blue. When Chance Caldon, the hottie who dug her up, tells her that she’s half vampire, Ava’s world really turns upside down.
Half vamp? Ava can’t believe it...she doesn't even know what that means! Not until Aldric, a thousand-year-old vampire, shows up and tells her it’s true--and that he’s the one who turned her. Then Ava truly begins to believe what she is. Now, she has to deal with a sudden and powerful bloodlust, the desire to see Aldric dead, and her growing crush for Chance. Ava knows she's a monster now, she can feel it; and her life is over.

But redemption isn’t lost. Aldric is giving her a chance to regain her humanity. The price? Kill a hundred vampires, or remain a bloodsucker forever.

So Ava sets out to get her life back. But killing vampires begins a battle that could destroy everything she is working toward. In the end, Ava's decisions will forever change her life and the lives of those she loves.

HELLO.....Vampires - need I say more [ ; D ] 


  1. Donna @ Book Passion for Life31 March 2012 at 12:33

    Totally agree with Above! It's been on my wishlist for ages but I'd love a UK publishers to release it too! 

  2. I really really want to read Storybound!

  3. I haven't heard of any of these except Above, which sounds really interesting ;)

  4. I REALLY hope Above comes over heere as well - it sounds so brilliant.

  5. ooh blood born, i want I want. x

  6. Storybound looks amazing! I have to try and get that! 

  7. You can read it for free on the Harper Collins US site I think.


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