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Sunday, 18 December 2011

In My Mailbox 18/12/11

Can you believe this will probably be the last IMM of 2011. I have spent the last week putting all the books I want to read in 2012 in some kind of order and wondering how to go without sleep in order to actually be able to read them ALL.

Thanks to The Story Siren for hosting IMM weekly so I can give thanks for the lovely things that come through my door.

A wonderful surprise from the fabulous Viv at Serendipity Reviews

Spiced Vanilla Gift Set from The Body Shop
(I am so touched to receive this - and I love love love the smell of vanilla - Viv knows me well <3)


(ohhh witches, demons and time-travel)
(you probably already know I am a HUGE fan of Alyx's - so excited to read this one. It isn't part of The Drake Chronicles as it states on Amazon)
(Début and BBC Challenge)


(I put this on my library wish-list a few weeks ago and Kiki kindly sent it to me for me and the school library - thank you so much Kiki)


(thank you so much to Andrew of The Pewter Wolf for nominating me for this book - I am so touched)


Huge thanks to Luisa Plaja for these books.
Donations are one of the only ways we get new books into the school library and I am so very grateful.

(these zombie books have been on my library list for ages. the pupils seem to have a real thing for zombies *shrugs* Now I need to get my hands on the first book)
(Luisa kindly put this to one side for me when my copy went missing while on tour)

So that is some of the wonderful things that have come into my house this week.
This will be the last IMM til next year - can you believe that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. So jealous that you Got A Witch in Winter. Great mailbox this week honey. So many good books coming out in January.

  2. Ooh some great books this week! I really love the sound of A Witch in Winter, can't wait to read it! Looking forward to starting Stolen Away too - happy reading :).

  3. Congrats on winning Hollow Pike - you totally deserve it! And A witch in Winter looks awesome! So many great things in your mailbox :) Happy reading!

  4. I might do a xmas day IMM vlog just to thank my Broke and Bookish secret santa (taking present with me up to my parents). If any more books arrive I won't know until next week though.

  5. Brill books! I want Stolen Away, seen a few people with it over the last two weeks, it sounds so good!

    Happy reading

  6. YOu deserve it hun.

    Glad to see you have A Witch in Winter! ;-)

    You will love Dave's book. It is really really good!

  7. Great mailbox! I just finished A Witch in Winter. Loved it!! Have a great Christmas :)

    My IMM:

  8. Fab books this week! I'd love to read the Faerie Ring :)
    15 Days Without a Head? It sounds interesting :o I hope you enjoy them!

    Here's my IMM for this week.

    Have a nice week,
    Books, Biscuits & Tea

  9. You got a great haul this week. I got Stolen Away as well this week. Hope you enjoy all of your books :)

  10. Love seeing the Christopher Pike ones again. I was a huge CP fan when I was a teenager. x


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