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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Musical Moments: RIP Gary Speed

You already know I am a very proud welsh woman, but I am not much of a sports person at all, least of all football. However, I was completely dumbstruck at the news of Gary Speed's death last week. For a start he wasn't much older than I am, I honestly cannot contemplate what was going through his mind. He seemed to have everything and my heart goes out to the family. As I was watching the news of his death the following song was playing in the other room. I thought it fitted beautifully.


  1. That's a really beautiful tribute. I'm still in shock over Gary Speed's death as well. I'm a huge football fan and my husband is a life long Everton supporter, which was one of his old clubs. Also, the fact I'm the same age as him makes it really hard to imagine how bad he must've felt to do that. Very, very, very sad.

  2. Such a wonderful tribute, thank you for sharing. I think Speed's death shocked us all.

  3. Definitely very fitting! I was shocked by the news too, I don't follow football at all now but I was a Newcastle supporter in the 90s when Gary speed played for them! It was a surprise to say the least.


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