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Monday, 5 December 2011

MG Monday: Review: My Very Unfairy Tale Life by Anna Staniszewski

Title: My Very Unfairy Tale Life
Series: Not confirmed
Author: Anna Staniszewski
Publisher: Source Books
Publication Date: 1 Nov 2011
Source: Net Galley

Synopsis from Goodreads

"You know all those stories that claim fairies cry sparkle tears and elves travel by rainbow? They're lies. All lies."—Twelve-year-old Jenny has spent the last two years as an adventurer helping magical kingdoms around the universe. But it's a thankless job, leaving her no time for school or friends. She'd almost rather take a math test than rescue yet another magical creature! When Jenny is sent on yet another mission, she has a tough choice to make: quit and have her normal life back, or fulfill her promise and go into a battle she doesn't think she can win.


When I saw this on NetGalley I jumped at the chance to read it. The book starts with Jenny being chased by a herd of angry unicorns. I can tell you the imagery had me rolling about the sofa with laughter. The cross-over of the vast variety of fairy-tales used provided terrific imagery.

The third person narrative provides a means of layering the story. Not only was I immersed into Jenny's everyday life, I was able to identify with the fairytale elements and also the mystery of her parent's disappearance all woven together within the plot. Revelations placed sporadically within the narrative only lead to additional questions. I am hoping for further books in the series in hope of getting answers to some of these questions. There is potential here for a whole series of books based on Jenny's adventures.

The notion of 'be careful what you wish for' really stands out with Jenny's indecision on the direction her life should take. It shows how balance is necessary to every aspect of our lives, too much of one thing would be detrimental. 

The story clearly shows how relationships have to be worked at by both sides. Good relationships do not happen by magic, they have to be developed and not taken for granted. It also shows that people shouldn't pretend to be something they are not, it just doesn't work and will eventually make them unhappy. Corny catchphrases abound within the narrative and are reflecting in my review with - Just be yourself being one of them that comes to mind, lol. The idea that laughter beats bullies is truly a beautiful notion, if only it were really true.

Klarr's description was truly terrifying and brought images of Stephen King's It to mind. *shudders* The image of people/animals without mouths was also scary *ick*.

Prince Lamb provided a lovely romantic interest for Jenny and really showed how with confidence, good listening skills and the correct image; popularity can be easily obtained. 

The ending was lovely and reflected the individual aspects of the story beautifully alongside with the opening for further story/series development. I have to say the word CUTE keeps popping into my head when I think of this story. I am looking forward to reading more by this author.


  1. This sounds like such a fun read! I love the sound of the book opening, it definitely sounds like something I'd enjoy reading.

  2. This sounds adorable! I can't believe I missed it on Net Galley.

  3. What a cute sounding book. Love the review x

  4. Adorable is the first word that comes to mind, I love stories that have a fairy tale like quality about them and this one seems to fit the bill perfectly. Fab review!

  5. This sounds really cute! I think I'll have to keep an eye out for it! :)


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