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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

An attempt to be organised!!!!!

I have so many reviews I need to write. Plus a few interviews I need to put together. So in the interest of being organised without stressing my self out too much (an impossible task for me as I stress about anything & everything). I am going to put some posts together over the next couple of days without actually publishing them. I would rather deliver a concise review rather than put any old rubbish on the blog. I probably wont post anything until this weeks IMM and hopefully then I will be back on schedule and all caught up *grins* to provide a great blog *dreams*

This week has pretty much been a washout so far with all the rain *pun intended* trying to keep the girlies amused this far into the holidays is proving a struggle. The age gap is more noticeable when big one cant do anything at the Recreation Centre and Little one can do loads. Play-scheme ended last week, yet we have another 2 weeks to go. It was really a god send, the staff were fantastic and helped the girls through a rough spot at home. I send a huge thank you to the Team Leader Michelle for being so totally awesome and laid back : D

For some unknown reason the girlies have decided they are girly girls and wanted a makeover day yesterday, the hubs hid in the living room. Out came the nail varnish and the curling tongs. The girls have poker straight hair like mine, so within 5 mins of curling their hair it had all fallen out. I think we just managed to catch the curls on camera.

Today they have decided on the movies - what we are going to see to please all of them is another matter. Here are the choices so far:

Then I have a really great recipe for Chocolate Fudge Cake given to me by the lovely Liz from My Favourite Books we shall be making & scoffing later on today. I will post a pic later (of the cake not the scoffing-I think that would be too much to bear).

So wish me luck on the productivity and I will keep you posted : D 


  1. My hair is super straight too and curls wont stay in. Im envious of anyone with curly hair :(

  2. Gosh, your girls are absolutely gorgeous :) Good luck with the movie choices btw - hope it doesn't evolve into a mini war. *grins*

  3. Your girls have PRETTY BLUE EYES!! Super fortunate for you. :) What very cute & precious curls! I love curly hair... my hair is straight too. Since my hair is thin, it's a lot harder to curl, crimp, wave, etc my hair... :\

  4. My hair is the exact opposite - really, realy, really tight curls - fine when it's short but when it gets long it looks like a bush! People joke about birds nesting in there.

    All good film choices from what I've heard of them *I really want to see Toy Story 3* (Toy Story was the first film I ever saw in the Cinema)

  5. Good luck with getting organised! My internet broke down last week and threw my blog into chaos! lol! OMG - your girls are TOTALLY cute! :)

  6. Good luck! I've been trying to keep a reserve of about 4 reviews at a time so that I always have something I can bung up on the blog if I'm swamped. Sadly, they are all gone after my recent holiday so I am in the same position as you! Have just put together a book package for you - Immortal Remains and The Crescent (from UK Book Tours) should be with you by the end of the week x

  7. Sounds like a great day!! I'm forever trying to get myself organised, only 4 reviews to write at the moment and several books to read! The chocolate cake sounds yummy :)

  8. Wow, your daughters all look so much alike! I honestly don't envy you trying to keep three children entertained in the holidays, especially when the weather has been so completely useless.

    I think that's a great idea to get ahead with your reviews. I try to do that, but whenever I get ahead I then become super lazy until the reserve posts are used up. Hope you do better at it that I do!

  9. What beautiful girls! Did you end up seeing Toy Story 3? I sobbed. And oh, I need to get organised as well.. SIGH. :(


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