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Monday, 16 August 2010

Monster Monday: Review: Shrinking Violet by Jean Ure

Synopsis: From Amazon

The fifth gloriously funny and poignant book in Jean Ure's series of 'secret' diary stories. Lily and Violet are twins -- physically identical but quite opposite in character. Lily is brash, up-front and in your face. Lily Loudmouth, her dad calls her. Violet is timid and shy. She lives very much in Lily's shadow -- a shrinking violet. Finding it difficult to make friends, Violet finds the perfect solution in Katie, her new pen pal. Soon the two are writing at a fast and furious pace and become very attached to each other. That is, until Katie suggests that they meet...

asastar's review:

In this book there are two twins called Violet and Lily. Although they are twins they are not alike at all. Lilly has tons of friends but Violet does not.

My favourite character was Katie because she sounds like a very nice person. If she was real I would like to be her friend.

Near the end the story stops and there is just letters, I didnt like this very much as for me it was boring to just read letters.

The pictures in the book really went with the story because when they were talking about a horse there was a picture of a horse.

asamum's thoughts:

asastar was completely draw into this story and was talking about the plot a lot while she was reading it. We did not realise when we picked it up at the library that it was the 5th book in the series. We do not like to read books out of series order as you can miss a great deal of character building and plot development. This is something I have passed onto the girlies.

With the story she was able to keep up but when the letters started to convey the story she got a bit lost with the plot and characters. This maybe due to her age (she has only just turned 8) or it could be due to the fact that it was out of series order.

We are going to look for the rest of the series in the library and try it from the beginning to see if it makes more sense.

Thank you asastar for your lovely thoughts on this book : D

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  1. It is annoying reading books out of series order. I'm not sure I could handle that. And I always pick a character in books and decide they'd be my IRL friends if that were possible. With every book. Still.

    Thank you to asastar for the review :) I was wondering if I should read something by Jean Ure. I think she has a book with Pants in the title. That always intrigued me.


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