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Monday, 9 August 2010

Monster Monday: Review: Where is Strawberry/Princess Moshi? by Moshi Moshi

Synopsis: From Amazon
Where is Strawberry Moshi?
All Moshi love dressing up and Moshi Town is a full of different Moshi in different costumes. Somewhere in the midst of them all is Strawberry Moshi. Can you find her? Strawberry Moshi is searching for Super Moshi, so you'll have to find him too! Endless fun inside - with so many of Moshi's friends around there's always someone to find!

Welcome to Moshi Town, where Strawberry Moshi is looking for her sweetheart, Super Moshi. Can you find help her find him? You have to find Strawberry Moshi first!

Where is Princess Strawberry Moshi?
All Moshi love dressing up and Moshi Town is full of different Moshi in different costumes. Strawberry Moshi wants to go to the ball but she needs to find the right costume to dress up as Princess Strawberry Moshi. She'll need some help from you in finding the right costume to wear, getting there, and finding her Prince Moshi. With so many things to do, there is endless fun in Moshi Town!

The books arrived from the lovely people at Walker Books - you can see the girlies with the books here : D

asacheekymonkey immediately takes charge and dashes off with the books, exclaiming 'These are really cool, they like have all different characters.'

asastar becomes mesmerized by the pictures 'Ohhh pretty.'

I asked the girls to share them and read the instructions to asacutie for her to be able to help with the games. However, asacutie had other ideas stating  that she didnt want to play the games she just wanted to look at all the pretty pictures.

A big argument then followed as to who got to look at them first. They disappeared off to their rooms : D
The power of books. The big one then takes charge of the books telling her sisters that the games were too hard for them (siblings huh).

Little one thinks Moshi is super pretty and took the books to school with her to show her teacher and friends. She now wants toy Moshi's to play with and dress-up in all the pretty outfits. I do think I would be tempted to buy them if they did make toys to accompany the books.

My personal thoughts are that Strawberry Moshi are visually stunning, they appeal on multi-levels and ages. Geared to girls more than boys and a big hit in our house because of the prettiness.

asacheekymonkey said: Where is Strawberry Moshi? is a good book for a 9 year old because sometimes you cant see Strawberry Moshi even if it is obvious as there are so many different Moshi's. Princess Strawberry Moshi is easier than Strawberry Moshi. In Princess Strawberry Moshi she is better hidden and there are more Moshi's.


  1. Lol, your kids! :D
    I agree, they are so cute! I'm glad asacheekymonkey liked it! It's so pretty it can replace paintings on the wall, no? :D

  2. How fantastic :) they do look like really pretty books though!

  3. I nearly bought this one for my wee girl yesterday. At two she is perhaps slightly too young but I just love the artwork!


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