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Monday, 28 November 2011

MG Monday: Guest Review: Lula Does the Hula by Samantha Macintosh

Title: Lula Does the Hula
Series: Lula #2
Author: Samantha Macintosh
Publisher: Egmont
Publication Date: 6 Jun 2011

Synopsis from Goodreads

Aloha! I'm Talullah Bird - or Tatty, or Lu. But mostly people call me Lula. So, my big news is...I've finally been kissed. Eeeee! I have an actual, factual boyfriend! At least, I thought I did. But things with the perfect boy aren't going to plan - thanks to his journo gal pal, Evil Jazz. And that's not all. Hoooo no. In a few days I've got to dance the hula in public, put a stop to some seriously serious criminal activity, win a race, and stop Dad from shaming me totally with his weirdiness. Frikkly frik! Where is my normal life? Huh? Where? Please, someone, tell me I'm not jinxed forever...Laugh-out-loud funny and gorgeously romantic, Lula Does the Hula is the perfect summer read.


Yay Lula’s back! I was ecstatic when Lula does the Hula landed on my doormat (OK, so I don’t have a dormat but you get the picture) as I really enjoyed reading Kisses for Lula as my first review book for Book Angel Booktopia.

As I’ve said before this stuff isn’t my usual kind of thing but I love Lula and could read her stories all day every day. The best thing about Lula’s stories in the combination of your expected teenage angst with serious and almost gritty detective stories, really great books.

Anyway, back to Lula does the Hula and Lula’s finally been kissed and has the gorgeous Jack de Souza as her boyfriend…or so she thinks. With his journalism career flourishing Jack’s gained a new, adoring fan, his colleague and housemate Jazz. Bad news for Lula as Jazz gets closer to Jack she seems to drift further away and in the back drop of this we have hula dancing (in public), competitive rowing, plenty of blood and some seriously dangerous criminal activity. Nothing new there for Lula, then!

With her strange collection of friends including her massive dog (now accompanied by a feathered friend) and super sleuth OAP Mr. K, Lula’s ventures just get weirder and weirder.

I don’t know how anyone can knock the fun loving and action packed adventures of Lula and her friends and I certainly enjoy them much more than I thought I would. When’s the next one out? 


  1. I am hoping to read this one soon. Asked Carly if I could have it from her pile she is giving away. It sounds adorable.

  2. I've just got the first of these on kindle, can't wait to read them now :)


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