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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Musical Moments: The Soundtrack to My Life: The School Disco

The next instalment of The Soundtrack to my Life looks at the school disco, you know the songs that you immediately hop onto the dance floor. Bear in mind that I was a child of the 70's so I can be excused for some of these songs [ : p ]

Yes I know it's cheesey but I bet you get up to dance to it too.

The original. I was actually really glad when Mamma Mia the Movie came out. My girls now love Abba more than I do lol. The movie opened up the music to a whole new generation. 

You know DISCO was huge in the 70's. What disco hits really stand out for you??

Why is it these songs always get played at weddings? Or is that just in Wales, lol

The 70's has a lot to answer for [ : D ] 

I can't leave this post without showing you this video:

I think Adam Ant was my first crush. Oh how I loved him. I still remember the school disco, I don't think it was this song but hey hoe.  
What songs do you remember from your school discos??? 


  1. Fantastic songs, I know them all but they were out before I was a teenager, but definite classics. x

  2. Unfortunately I can't watch these videos but wow, school discos are always full of cheesey songs aren't they?! I can remember some crazy stuff playing at mine, including Sex on the Beach by t-spoon and You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate... The late 90's was baaaadd!


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