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Monday, 6 September 2010

Changes to Monster Monday

My girlies have decided that as much as they like reading books they do not want to review them with me - I was  told that doing a review for me was like having homework :( It wouldn't be if I didnt have to nag them!!!! Well they are young and do enjoy reading so I shouldn't complain too much :(

So instead I am going to bribe the MG/Teens in the school library to do guest reviews for me. I am taking in a whole pile of books to entice them with.

Therefore, instead of Monster Monday - Mondays will now be Middle Grade Mondays - cool yes???

So please keep posted for reviews.
We will gladly accept books for review and the library.

I am sure my girls will do the occasional post as they love getting the comments, it makes them feel special : D


  1. Either way is fine by me! Your monsters will always be darling monsters for me (err- in a good way of course!) :D

  2. Aww! Your girls were doing so well with the reviews as well! But I think it's a wonderful idea, to get your students to write guest reviews. Hopefully they'll enjoy getting involved and you get to build a good relationship with them - everyone wins, including us. Good luck with it!

  3. Isn't it fun when your kids don't want to help you out online? My daughter likes doing reviews and surveys, but sometimes she doesn't want to help.

  4. I've often wished my niece would review for my blog occasionally, but I think she'd feel exactly the same way. As long as she's reading, I'm happy. :) I think Middle Grade Mondays sound like a fab idea.


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