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Sunday, 19 September 2010

In My Mailbox #19

Hosted weekly by The Story Siren - who you should know by know is awesome : D

You should all know I love this series and I am finding it very difficult to drag my self away from this book. I am tormenting myself that it is the last in the series

The Tesco BOGOF won again. However, when I got to the checkout the discount didnt come off. I took the books to the customer service desk only to be told that Finding Sky wasn't on offer even though it had a sticker on it. Imagine my dismay. Yet, customer service won through on this occasion and due to the inconvenience and their mistake I was refunded and given the books. Tesco I commend your customer service and thank you for the books.

Gorgeous swag from a lovely blogger friend. I am not sure she wants to be named, but thank you Kirsty : D

OK so this didnt exactly come through my mailbox more like my inbox but I want to show it off.
Thank you so much to Sya at The Mountains of Instead for designing this bookmark for me. Isn't it gorgeous. Sya you are very talented.


  1. fab mailbox : )

    I need to read the beautiful dead series - they keep looking at me on the shelf and I keep feeling guilty

  2. Ooh, you've got Finding Sky - that's definitely on my list of TBR. Haven't heard of Dark Heart Forever, but checked it out and will be adding that to my TBR pile now :) Enjoy your books! And thanks again for The Chosen One!

  3. Ooh! I loved Finding Sky - I hope you enjoy :D And you got Phoenix! I think it's time I read Summer, happy reading :)

  4. I think you know I am more than a little bit jealous that you have Phoenix *dies at his beauty*
    Finding Sky too <3 :)

  5. Why did I think Finding Sky wasn't out until October? I better get reviewing it fast! Eeek!

    The Eternal Ones is amazing - hope you enjoy! :)

  6. Wow, that is a cute bookmark!

    Finding Sky looks awesome, doesn't it? Hope you enjoy. :)

  7. Finding Sky looks great - as does The Eternal Ones. And I've been meaning to read the Beautiful Dead series for ages! But my library only has the second book for some reason. Anyway, great haul, happy reading!

  8. She designed you a bookmark? How sweet is that! I'm impressed.

    That's an .. erm, interesting cover for Phoenix. Not sure what to make of that. I've not heard of Dark Heart Forever, I'm off to have a look..

  9. NICE LOOT! And really really like your avatars with the layout of the background ply the pink flowers with thread at the corner. SWEET! Whoever designed this site got it RIGHT!

    Come visit my humble and bland site at Aisle B. ... Hmmm the Aisle B archives look better I promise ;P

  10. I've heard Finding Sky is super great.:) Happy reading!

  11. I'm in serious Cover Love with your new books! I've had Beautiful Dead on my TBR pile for months! *slap self*

    Great books! Enjoy!

  12. Oooh you got some great books. Beautiful Dead looks like a great read and I'm looking forward to seeing what you thought about it. Have a great week and I'm now follwing :)

    Here's my mailbox for the week

  13. Wow! Great week for books! I haven't read the Beautiful Dead series but I keep seeing them on the shelves. Someday I'll have to get to them!

  14. Great books. I'm looking forward to Eternal Ones and Beautiful Dead sounds interesting.
    My IMM

  15. You are too sweet, Emma - it took hardly any time at all and I'm glad you like it.

    Interested to hear what you think about Finding Sky - it looks quite good. Enjoy all your reading!


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