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Monday, 13 September 2010

MG Monday: Review: Beautiful Dead: Summer by Eden Maguire

Synopsis: From Amazon
Six months have passed sine the last Ellerton teenager died, but Darina is still traumatized by the stabbing of her own beloved Phoenix. But there’s work to be done as Darina must now turn her attention to the shooting of Summer Madison – the beautiful and gifted, singer-song-writer with a heart of gold.
It’s been nearly a year since the random shooting in a shopping mall caused Summer’s meaningless death. Summer left behind recordings of her wonderful songs and a deep sadness amongst high school friends. Now Darina must act as Summer’s agent to track down the psychotic killer in a clear search for justice.
With the sound of Summer’s music constantly playing inside Darina’s head, recalling the wonderful months when she was alive and performing her first gigs, Darina, Phoenix and the Beautiful Dead are determined to catch the crazed killer. And all the while Darina’s love for Phoenix continues to beat ...

This is the closest I could get to a Middle Grade book about Zombies. I dont really think of them as zombies as such more the undead with a purpose to fulfill. Plus it includes some seriously hot boys = win + win.

I love this series and on edge waiting for the last installment. I want it but I dont want the series to end.

In Summer we catch up with Darina 4 months after helping Arizona remember what happened when she died and achieve justice for that wrong.

The wait to see Phoenix has really taken its toll on her. She is overcome with grief for her best friend and boyfriend. The strain of not being able to confide in anyone is taking its toll on her both physically and emotionally. Darina questions her sanity, unable to move on with her life because of the promise she has made to help the Beautiful Dead, gaining her more time with Phoenix. Physically she looks more dead than they do.

I have a feeling that Darina herself is somehow connected to all of the Beautiful Dead deaths, the catalyst or lynch pin??? the mystery and suspense really had me whisking through the pages as fast as my eyes could read the print.

There are little recaps of the first 2 books placed throughout the narrative, great for refreshing the memory but it is still necessary to read the books to fully understand the intricacies of the plot. The characters develop and evolve with each book. It never gets boring or predictable. I have lots of thoughts on the plot and am desperate to have them confirmed or denied in the final installment. I wont give anything away by telling you the questions I have. I found with this book as I was thinking the questions the answers were given, making me very happy.

There is a shocking, completely unexpected plot twist that had me sobbing like the big girl I am. Further elements of the supernatural are added into the plot giving another dimension in which to develop the storyline.

I am completely in love with this series. The idea of Purgatory gets taken to a whole new dimension with this series. Zombies to relate to - genius.


  1. I think the started out really promising and I was really excited, but then I read the next one too quickly afterwards. I still want to read this one and the last one, but I think I'll give it a bit more time in between them.

  2. I've only read the first in this series, but this one sounds awesome. Loving the promise of an unexpected plot twist and the mystery about the part the MC plays in it all. Fab review!

  3. I'm taking my time with this series but this one sounds good - maybe I've left it long enough now :D

  4. I loved all of these last one still to read i have this on my amazon wish list


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