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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Thursday Tunes: Music Links and Book Theme Tunes #1

Following the success of last Saturdays - Saturday Spotlight Music feature I have been inspired to create a regular feature for music links ans book theme songs (to pinch Pewter Wolf's phrasing).
I have a huge pile of books to review and would like your help to put theme tunes to them. Plus I will be holding guest post talking about music. Listing play-lists that have been posted by authors, etc (you get the picture yes!!!) *Sometimes I think my eloquence gets eaten by Twitter*

So as promised here is the link to the lovely Pewter Wolf's updated Book Theme Tunes. I am sure you will agree AWESOME!!!!

I also asked my friend Sarah to do a music post - instead of doing me a guest post she put it on her own blog but said I could link it.

List of coming reviews requiring theme songs with your help:

Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick (imagine how jealous I am that Daisy Chain Book Reviews has an exclusive play-lists post on the 9th Oct)

OMG I have just realised how far behind I really am :(

I would also like help putting together a zombie play-list for my friend Sya of The Mountains of Instead who is having a Zombie theme week beginning 12th September (make sure to check in both here and there)!!!!

Either leave your song suggestions in the comment box or email me here


  1. Thanks for putting my links on Emma. I'm still learning about blogging so as soon as I learn how to guest blog (and I bet it's the simplest of things), I have got quite a few book/songs to share. :)

  2. Erm...I've only read 2 of those lol. Will have a think about Jessica's Guide and TDD though xx

  3. I will be of absolutely no help to you, but if that's your list of books to be reviewed soon, then wow. That's a great list! Looking forward to hearing what you have to say about a lot of them!


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