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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Review: Torment by Lauren Kate

Synopsis: From Amazon

In "Torment", fallen angel Daniel and his mortal love Lucinda think they are safe but evil forces are massing against them. As Luce learns more about her past, and discovers that the lives she's already lived hold the key to her future happiness; she starts to wonder if Daniel has told her the whole truth. What if his version of events isn't the way things happened? What if that means that she's really meant to be with someone else?

If you have read my review of Fallen you will know what an absolute fan-girl I am. I will be honest with you from the start; not only did this sequel life up to my very high expectations, it surpassed them. Be prepared for gushing.

The story starts shortly after the battle at Sword and Cross along with the start of the truce between the forces of good and evil. We are gradually introduced to other elements outside of the main factions of good and evil, all of which are dependent on Luce. It is definitely necessary to read this series in order to get the full benefit of the nuances of the plot.

The most amazing plot teasers are placed throughout the narrative, making me shoot through the pages to find if my assumptions were correct. The plot had me hooked like a drug addict needs their next fix, I needed to carry on reading to get my 'fix' of the plot.

I found the character development astounding, it really blew me away. Especially that of Luce; from following what she is told, she develops independence and curiosity to challenge the information she is given (or not as the case may be). Although Luce feels love for Daniel she does question how she can feel such intense emotion when she doesn't really know Daniel. She feels she is unable to follow on faith alone. She is emotionally stronger than she is given credit for. Her 'talents' are revealed slowly, taking even Luce by surprise at the things she can do.

The introduction of her new classmates at Shoreline gives an opportunity for the reader to compare and contrast their personalities and appearance to the characters we already have in place. I actually really liked the introduction of Miles as an alternative love interest for Luce. His temperament is so completely different to Daniels that as a reader you question who would be the better choice for Luce. However, I had the nagging feeling at the back of my mind that there are more to Miles and Shelby than has been revealed so far.

At the beginning of Torment, Daniel came across as a bit controlling. He is in the position of possessing the knowledge of Luce's previous incarnations, making him fully aware of all the possible dangers/consequences. He is unable to share this knowledge with Luce, yet he expects her to trust him based solely on the depth of the emotion they share. Daniel's character is revealed slowly, like peeling the layers of an onion. I was profoundly sadden at the thought of his having other girlfriends. Although I am not convinced this notion has come from a reliable source. However the seed of doubt has now been planted. As the story progresses we are able to discern the full extent of Daniel's devotion to Luce, it took my breath away.

The imagery and descriptions were realistic and relatable, making the story completely believable. I was wishing I could go to school at Shoreline. The contrasts between Shoreline/Sword and Cross was startling in the imagination. So well described you could build a three dimensional picture of both.

The reworking of bible stories was ingenious. I really liked how the reworking showed that nothing is black and white, there are shades of grey; IE there are always two sides to every story. You cant have good without evil, there has to be a balance, a yin and yang scenario sprang to mind.

The ending was action packed and dramatic leaving me yearning for the next installment. This is one story that can literally be taken in any direction, and I for one cant wait to see where it is heading.

I did warn you that gushing would be involved but I hope I have made concise points with my gushing thrown in. I loved Fallen and have increased my love of this series with Torment. Thank you UK Book Tours for giving me the chance to read it. One word  AWESOME.

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  1. What a wonderful and detailed review! I love it. And I really loved this book..

  2. Loved Luce in this one as well and really enjoyed her development. I kind of hate Daniel now though haha. Glad you loved this one! :)

  3. Great review, I'm glad you enjoyed this one. I found it a little slow going & was frustrated that we ended up getting hardly any answers to the questions from Fallen & are instead left with yet more questions LOL. I do think Lauren Kate is a fantastic descriptive writer though & it is so easy to create pictures of the scenes as you're reading. I loved the action at the end & am looking forward to finding out what happens next :o)

    I've added your link to my review

  4. Oh my word, oh my word. You have me gushing at your review. I must, must, must read this. I'm still waiting for my copy and the more fabulous reviews I read, the more torturous the wait is. Love your review and am sure that I'll love this as much as I did Fallen!

  5. I really loved this book as well. I cant wait to see what happens next!

  6. With such praise I think I'm going to need to investigate the first book, great review :)


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