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Sunday, 5 September 2010

In My Mailbox #17

Thanks to Kristi at The Story Siren for holding this meme every week. Which most definitely feeds my book addiction.
The Story Siren 

Another unbelievable week. Thank you so much to all the people I swap books with and the lovely blogger friends I have made that send me books, you guys rock my world *hugs you all*

From the library (I now have a stack of library books on my nightstand)

From my bestest book swapping buddy - Clover you are awesome : D

From the very gorgeous Caroline at Portrait of a Woman for me and the big girlie (guess who ran off with them). They will then be going in the school library *happy dances*

Caroline also sent this gorgeous card. Isn't it lovely. There was also a really cute key-chain but the big girl ran off with that too : D

Fabulous Pre-orders from Amazon that I had completely forgotten about, lol

The Haunted by Jessica Verday - much anticipated sequel to The Hollow review here
Skulduggery Pleasant: Mortal Coil by Derek Landy (for those who know me you are aware of my love of this series) Review here

From UK Book Tours - click blog button to link to site : D

Amazing Right?????!!!!!!

Off  to see what eveyone else got (adding to my wishlist and getting extremely jealous is on the cards I think)


  1. Forbidden look great. I love having pre orders that I forgot about when they turn up :D I didnt get anything this week so no IMM from me :(

  2. That is an amazing week! I bought The Haunted too. I know The Hollow got some mixed reviews but I *adored* it. Hope you enjoy!

  3. Forbidden and iBoy sound really good - I hope you enjoy, happy reading :)

  4. Forbidden and No and Me are *ace*, I hope you'll like them!
    Aww u showed the card *with the giraffe* hehe ;)
    Cool IMM I must say!!

  5. wow!! amazing week if i say so myself!

  6. Yay, great books! I hope you're enjoying the library!

  7. Fantastic week!! Beat my one book week by FAR! Hope you enjoy them all!! I loved No & Me ;)

  8. Impressive book haul you've got here!! Enjoy all of them!=)


  9. 13 yr old just started re-reading Almost True. Tells me it's even better second time.
    I'm so not going to let on that you have the new Skullduggery book. She's total fan and has all of them so far!

  10. Awesome books! I forgot to pre-order The Haunted - doing so now! See how useful IMMs are? :D Enjoy reading Emma!

  11. Oh wow! I'm jealous, looks like you've got some great books there.

    I really want to read Forbidden.

  12. Great books this week! And trading books is just amazing, don't you think? :P. The Haunted looks great (haven't actually read The Hollow yet but I plan to) and I've been wanting to read The Returners for ages too. Happy reading :).

  13. *bounces*

    That is an unbelievable week! Awesome books! What is Forbidden about? I'm gonna check it out!

    Thanks for sharing! I hope you enjoy!

  14. Holy craperoni! What a TON of awesome books!

  15. Good book week for you. A lot of books I haven't heard of. It's nice to see new things.
    My IMM

  16. Looks like a great week for your IMM =)

    Hoping to post my IMM soon but can't right now as all my Microsoft packages have run out of trial so have to go install it before I can do anything =(

    Naomi aka Supernatural Bookwork
    Twitter: @AngelGoneMad

  17. Impulse! Yay! Read it now Emma :D

    Fab week again - can't wait to hear your thoughts on all of these :)

  18. Great books this week! Happy reading!


  19. Well, you're welcome. Also, ooh! iBoy. Dying to read that one. Maybe my library would have it? Also, how great is it when pre-orders you've forgotten are delivered!

    Not to cause any panic but ... I have another book tour book to send you.

  20. Nice!! Excellent books this week! I loved The Haunted!! I hope you have a great time reading all of your books! :D


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