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Sunday, 9 January 2011

In My Mailbox #1-2011

Thank you to Kristi at The Story Siren for holding this lovely meme; with which I get to thank the generous & absolutely lovely people who share their books with me (can be read as feed the addiction).

This IMM includes the week before Christmas and the subsequent weeks up until yesterday. I didnt get any books for Christmas (I actually only had one gift from my Sister because all the money went on the girlies, which is as it should be [ : D ] Saying that I have had some wonderful gifted books from my gorgeous blogger buddies (and you wonder why I say you make me cry with your generosity)

From the library:

A Christmas card & Beautiful ANGEL WINGS from Jennifer Laurens
(yes as you would expect from me I cried when I opened the envelope-such a wonderful surprise. I was actually speechless , lol)
The wings are now hanging by my desk for me to gaze at all the time [ : D ] 


(this has been on my wishlist forever)

Gifted: from the ever so lovely Tammy at The Book Fairys Haven

From UK Book Tours (I <3 Lynsey)

Won for the school library from Heaven, Hell and Purgatory Book Reviews

The gorgeous Christmas card I received from Clover at Fluttering Butterflies
(I adore homemade)

The fantastic Christmas card along with a handmade ornament and Body Finder swag from the lovely Sya at The Mountains of Instead
You are so creative I love it and it is a beautiful addition to my Christmas tree ornaments 

Gifted from the wonderful Clover at Fluttering Butterflies

Along with the beautiful Clair de Lune signed bookmark and card shown below
Clover did a lovely post about book swag here I think that when you are a book loving person *addict* you get attached to all  the pretty covers so swag is something that automatically goes to feed the love *habit*

Gifted from fabulous Kirsty at The Overflowing Library

See how lucky I am to know such generous and truly lovely people. I apprecaite it

Please dont think I take without giving back:
Clover had my copy of Nightshade by Andrea Cremer
Sya had a few things on loan LOL


  1. So many good ones there! I *love* Pretty Bad Things, it's so different and fresh and brilliant. And I also read Immortal Beloved and Crusade recently and both are excellent. Hope you enjoy. :)

  2. Pretty Bad Things looks pretty interesting! AND The Story Siren has IMM back up and running! (a little different I might add) so go link up!

  3. I did mention that my 5 year old made that card, right? And no worries about the book and other things! Great books this week. I have a 5th birthday party to attend this afternoon, so not sure if I'll have time to do IMM this week! accurate is your RISI wishlist?

  4. Lots of fab books this week, I hope you enjoy them all! :)

  5. Hey is Pretty Bad Things on the same lines as Pretty little Liars???

    Congrats on the huge mailbox. Enjoy it and jealous of your Immortal Beloved.

  6. Wonderful book haul for you this week. So glad you got Once Dead, Twice Shy - more will be making its way to you soon! Thanks again for Fade to Black - I'm looking forward to reading that. Hope you enjoy your reads. xoxo

  7. glad crusade turned up safe and sound - already finished Natalie Hargrove!

    Immortal beloved looks awesome - I almost bought a copy but it wasn't one the 3 for 2 offer

  8. Thanks for the lovely comments guys :D

    Clover - sorry I just assumed everyone would realise the card was made by your children & Sya's beautiful Lady M LOL

    Tammy - thank you again and I hope you enjoy Fade to Black - it is a difficult subject to read about but worth the insight :D

    Kirsty - would you like me to forward Immortal Beloved after I have read it :D

  9. Pretty Bad Things is pretty awesome, I hope you love it..along with everything else you got this week!! I wanted to start the Kim Harrison one for ages after reading a bit of it somewhere..will have to buy :))

  10. Tons of great books this week! I liked Lonely Hearts and Immortal Beloved. I hope you enjoy all your books and I look forward to your reviews--especially of Mockingbirds- I've been wanting to read that one!

  11. Thats a nice big pile of books! Immortal Beloved looks good.

    Where in Wales are you? My family lives near Cardiff :)

  12. Iffath - if you are a good girl I will send you Once Dead, Twice Shy when I have read it ;D

    Christina - thank you. I am very lucky to be part of UK Book Tours so I get to read many fabulous books :D

    Hannah - I can visit you I live about 20 minutes from Cardiff :D

  13. Lots and lots of goodies there. I won a copy of Arrow too this week, but it's not arrived yet. I can't wait to read Immortal Beloved and Mocking Birds. Hope you enjoy all your reads!

  14. Great list this week, what awesome books, swag and gifts you got! I absolutely loved the Mockingbirds, I hope you do, too!

    (& with an IMM like this, you don't even really need a Kindle LOL)

  15. Lol thanks for that Christi :D

    Naomi - I love winning giveaways - especially when it is for the school library :D

  16. Great books this week, I loved Immortal Beloved and Claire Du Lune is one I need to buy soon :)

    Happy Reading :D

  17. Glad The Mockingbirds got there safe! I loved it, hope you do too :)

    Great haul of books! Happy reading!

  18. Claire De Lune sounds really interesting. And I love the angel wings!

  19. WOW! You got a TON! I still have The Lonely Hearts Club on my WL, I've heard it's really good!

  20. So glad you got the stuff ok. I have to say, Lady M had nothing to do with my card which makes it significantly less impressive....;-)
    Great books this week - Immortal Beloved looks quite intriguing.

  21. You got a lot of great books this week! I hope you enjoy them all!! :D Happy reading!

  22. OMG! I would have cried too!

    So many awesome books in your mailbox this week, asamum. And I'm jelly of the beautiful UK covers.

    Hope you enjoy!

  23. Jesse - I got Claire de Lune from the library - so go check your local library first ;D

    Cem - it did arrive safely I am looking forward to reading it :D

    Alison - they are so gorgeous I love looking at them :D

    Candace - it is only through UK Book Tours I get to read these fabulous books. Lynsey does such a great job.

    Splendibird - LOL

    Corrine & MIssie - thank you for the lovely comments :D

  24. What a great pile this week. I loved Cate Tiernan when I was younger I'd love to hear what her new series is like. x

  25. Hi Susan - this is my first time reading anything by Cate Tiernan so I will keep you posted :D


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