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Monday, 10 January 2011

MG Monday: Review: Wereworld: Rise of the Wolf by Curtis Jobling

Title: WereWorld: Rise of the Wolf
Series: WereWorld
Author: Curtis Jobling
Publisher: Puffin
Publication Date: 6 Jan 2011

Source: Publisher - Thank you

Synopsis: From Amazon
‘YOU’RE THE LAST OF THE WEREWOLVES SON. DON’T FIGHT IT . . . CONQUER IT.’ When the air is clear, sixteen year-old Drew Ferran can pick up the scent of a predator. When the moon breaks through the clouds, a terrifying fever grips him. And when a vicious beast invades his home, his gums begin to tear, his fingers become claws, and Drew transforms . . . Forced to flee the family he loves, Drew seeks refuge in the most godforsaken parts of Lyssia. But when he is captured by Lord Bergan’s men, Drew must prove he is not the enemy. Can Drew battle the werecreatures determined to destroy him – and master the animal within?

The first thing that caught my attention with this book was unbelievably the index. The story is set out in different sections which had my imagination questioning the reasoning for this before I even started reading - Would there be mini-stories?  Would it be different points in time? Would it be different characters focalization? Remember this is all before I even started reading the book - the power of the index [ : D ]

Another thing I have to mention about the book before I started reading it, is the beautiful illustrations throughout that are not only eye-catching, detailed and generally gorgeous but really added another dimension to the the story. The chapter heading were visually arresting drawing you into the story even before the words had a chance to.

Written in third person narrative but focalized from Drew's perspective. The use of the third person narrator allows plot hints to be placed surreptitiously into the narrative, different story threads to be created while not distracting from the main theme. The writing is wonderfully descriptive making it easy to imagine the world of Lyssia, for me Curtis Jobling has created an entire mythical world on a par to Middle Earth (well to be completely truthful I found Lyssia actually easier to picture than Middle Earth).

A number of different genres seem to be molded together to create the overall story, the use of fantasy/horror and Gothic imagery provide a powerful and compelling storyline. The imagery is very realistic and relatable. Unfortunately (for me) this also involved a giant serpent - the stuff of my nightmares - thank you so much Curtis *sarcasm*.

The tension builds quickly and doesn't let up for a moment, I was kept flipping the pages with a voracious appetite to know what was going to happen next. After the first few chapters I really felt as if I had bonded with Drew. Such a wonderful character to create within the imagination. You feel for his plight dealing with his unique 'illness'. I practically felt his pain via the vivid description of his transformation and subsequent emotional consequences. The whole ideal that it is what is on the inside that counts really seemed apt applied to Drew. He is charismatic, caring, kind, loyal; what you would class as an all round 'nice guy' even if he is a werewolf. I did keep comparing Drew to Robin Hood, obviously not with the robbery but with the aiding of the oppressed against a tyrannical ruler. Drew's strength of character is amazing and only gets enhanced with the trials and tribulations he has to face. Elements of nature versus nurture enter the story with regards especially to Drew's 'siblings' [ ; D ] Bringing to mind Kane and Abel - brother against brother in the pursuit of power.

All the characters are well-rounded and individually interesting not only for the way in which they interact with Drew. It made me want to know more about their individual stories/history. I wonder if we will in future books????

I have to mention that the inclusion of silver in its traditional context against werecreatures had been given a whole new element in this story.

Without giving away any spoilers I will say the ending was wonderful, maybe I should say new beginning rather than the ending. All the plot threads were artfully woven together providing an engaging conclusion. I am already imagining the movies/video games/action figures/werworld conventions.

I just have to mention that I took the book into the library to read during a free lesson, 3 of the pupils that spotted the book on my desk have already requested to have it reserved for them when it goes onto the computer system, based solely on the cover and the synopsis [ : D ]

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for Trailer Tuesday featuring the WereWorld Trailer and also this weeks Saturday Spotlight a guest post by Curtis Jobling on reading inspirations.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was a really enthralling read wasn't it. You've written a cracking review. It's not until you read someone elses review that you realise how much you missed out of your own LOL :)

  2. Naomi - you flatter me thank you for your lovely comment :D

  3. Aww, how great. I hear nothing but good things about this one and it's fantastic to hear that it's already captured the interest of your students! As soon as things calm down, I'm sure I'll pick up a copy! :) Great review.

  4. Clover - I don't know why buit I thought you had a copy of this one. You are welcome to borrow mine anytime :D

  5. Sounds like a good one for younger readers. The layout of the book sounds fab!

  6. Leanna - Hi. Brilliant Middle Grade Gothic/Horror I recommend it for Secondary School Libraries :D

  7. This sounds like a good book, must add it to be tbr list. x

  8. Susan - it is defiantely worth adding to your list :D

  9. Pfff I sounded like a 12 year old in *my* review! God I loved this book soooooo much! Can't wait for the sequels!
    And [insert ghetto accent here:] *what* [/ghetto accent] no mention of Count Verga? Even *I* thought he was cool :D
    Anyways - what a great review, you translate my squealings in real sentences hee hee

    (oh dear - can you tell I am hyper? LOL)

  10. Great review Emma! Really excited for this one, *I heart wolves!* and everybody is telling me how awesome it is so I REALLYNEED to read it soon!

    And LOL at Caroline's squealings ;)

  11. I got offered this for review but didnt really fancy it. Think I should have said yes now lol

  12. Caroline -I just adore your enthusiasm for this book. Dash I forgot about Count Vega and the parrallels with Beddgelert at the start of the book *sigh*

    Iffath & Lyndsey - I would offer you my copy but I have promised it to my pupils for the library :D
    Iffath I think it is 'your' kind of thing - Lyndsey I am not so sure as I have never heard you read anything MG :D

  13. Everyone loves this book. I have ordered it for the school library. It sounds so thoroughly detailed.

  14. Becky - thank you for leaving me a comment. It is wonderfully detailed and I am sure your pupils will love it.


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