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Monday, 3 January 2011

Random Post: New Years Resolutions

I am always unsure whether to do New Years Resolutions or not as I usually suck at keeping them : However, I am trying to make a supreme effort this year and you all have to help me.

I only have one thing on my resolution list that I want to apply to all aspects of my life:


This includes making lists of menus for the week, planning shopping trips, making sure the chores get done on time, getting clothes ready the night before, the usual stuff that I should be doing but don't and really,  really need to.

Your job my lovelies is to make sure I keep on track. Give me organisational tips, shout at me when necessary [ : D ] Do you think you are up to the challenge????

Anyone else have any resolutions they want to share?????


  1. That is at the top of my resolutions as well especially when it comes to blogging.

    Hope you had a good New Years :)

  2. I do write lists for everything. I wouldn't get anywhere without them. I might try putting them on line though.

    Good luck with your resolution.

  3. That is an excellent resolution to have. One that I could use working on as well :) Good luck with it.

    If it helps, on the back of our shopping list, we write a weekly dinner planner and tack it up in the kitchen when we're finished shopping.

    And I have a blogging notebook that I write my ideas on with to-do lists. But N keeps telling me to add those things to some google notes or something? I don't know, I like my pen and paper for now.

  4. A great resolution, something that I definitely need to do better at!

    Good Luck :)


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