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Sunday, 30 January 2011

In My Mailbox #4-2011 otherwise known as I heart RHCB

Thanks to The Story Siren for holding this weekly meme so I can thank the wonderful people who feed my book love *addiction*

For Review:

For asacutie:

For asastar:

For asacheekymonkey:

asacheekymonkey would like a sequel to Lily Alone called Lily Together if you could pass that onto Jacqueline Wilson please [ : D ]
As you are probably aware my husband has been unemployed for nearly 2 years now, as you can imagine money is very tight, so for the girls to have these books was like an extra Christmas for them.   

This was the one book I picked up for myself:

J pilfered this one from the school pile - it will be going to school when he has read it

The pile of books in RHCB
I have already taken the books into the school library. They included:


I have had a pupil ask me for The Spooks Bestiary since the beginning of September and I haven't been able to get it for him. I took it in last Monday and had to put it on the library system immediately for him. He is one happy student [ : D ] 

These are  the Thank You cards my girls wrote - asacheekymonkey has declared her love for Jacqueline Wilson in hers.
The card in the centre was made by a group of students in my library and has been signed by them, they are so absolutely thrilled with the books.
I will be popping them in the post tomorrow, thank you again RHCB you are truly awesome [ : D ]


  1. Wow, what a lovely lot of books, and gorgeous pics - especially of your girls! Gorgeous thank you cards, too. Brilliant.

  2. What an awesome stack of books :D

  3. That is a pretty amazing collection. Your school library is majorly lucky to have you working there!

  4. Awesome IMM this week--my turn to be jealous! And your girls are absolutely adorable--hope they enjoy all their goodies!

  5. Your girls are gorgeous! Sorry to hear about your hubby. I hope that things improve soon. I know how hard this can be. Been there twice. The books look fantastic. Enjoy them.

  6. Thank you for the lovely comments.
    Lauren - I am sure some of the pupils would not agree with you as I am strict :D

  7. Amazing books this week, I've said it before and I'll say it again - your school library is very lucky to have you!

    Happy Reading :D

  8. What a fab selection of books. The pics are great and I'm glad your girls liked their books!

    A Necklace of Raindrops is one of my favourite books from when I was younger - I must get a copy and reread it!

  9. Woooh, thats a lot! Pumkin Soup! I want that for my daughter! Have a great week!!!

  10. Awesome books this week! Your girls are adorable! My students love the Alchemyst series- those books are always flying off of my classroom library shelves. Enjoy all your books.

  11. Whoa! Lots of books! And I've heard great things about the Alchemyst series. Happy reading to ALL of you. =)

  12. Wow! That's an amazing bunch of books! I listed to The Alchemyst on audio AGES ago and really liked it. I should definitely work on getting that series.
    I bet your girls are just ecstatic!

  13. Ha so many books for all of you, awesome! Dog Biscuit sounds lovely:)

  14. wow!! you got some awesome books this week!! enjoy!

  15. I'm got my eye on those Mayfair Mysteries for my reading group :).

    The asa- girls are gorgeous.

  16. What a fantastic book week for you and your lovely girls. Gosh, I know I've said this before but your girls are simply gorgeous. I bet they must get that from their mom :D Happy reading to all of you. xoxo

  17. I shouldn't comment when it's late! I got my tabs mixed up. Meant to say the girls are adorable on THIS window. And I was going to say something about the bloggers on the other way. Ha, oh well. Time for bed, I think.

  18. the girls are too adorable and admit it one of them so did not want her picture taken despite the great books in her hands ;)

    Great stack of books and Emerald Atlas is in my pile wished I had the finished version since it is so much prettier.

    Enjoy the week and wow what a loot!

  19. Karen - the 8 year old thinks The Mayfair Mysteries are fantastic - now if I can only get her to write a review :D

    Aisle B - it isnt that they didnt want their photo taken, it was really late at night as they were allowed to stay up to wait for me to come home, she was shattered :D


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