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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Blogger Mini-Break

You may have noticed my lack of reviews this week. My apologies for that after all this is a book review blog without reviews this week. I do have a few semi-prepared but life has in fact got in the way this week.

I have had a lot of personal stuff to try to sort out and I actually spent the day reading today. I actually could not put the book down and will be attempting to write a succinct review or as succinct as I get. This may include the words awesome, swoon and OMG a hundred times but that is probably as succinct as I get lol.

I really do beat myself up when I am not organised with the blog as it is my little outlet and I love it completely, but instead of rushing and writing rubbish (some may say I normally write rubbish) I have come to the conclusion that I shall just put up the prepared posts and leave the reviews for next week.

Conveniently leading me into next week [ : D ] If you haven't noticed in my sidebar I have made a rather nice banner (even if I do say so myself) Next week is Alyson Noel week, the full schedule will be on the blog on Saturday. Prepare yourself for reviews, trailers, 2 guest posts by Alyson and an awesome give-away. I hope you are excited as I am!!!!!

So now I am off to try to make a reading schedule and a spreadsheet for bills (oh the joy).

Thanks for bearing with me. I <3 you guys *hugs* 


  1. Have a good break Emma. I look forward to seeing you back next week. Your Alyson Noel week sounds awesome.

  2. Very much looking forward to Alyson Noel week! :)

  3. Have a good break, hope you get organised and some time to you x

  4. of course we will bear with you whilst you have other stuff going on! and remember we're here for you if you need us! x


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