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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Musical Moments: Guest Post: Alyson Noel Top Ten Travel Tunes

That is all I can say about this special Musical Moments Guest Post from Alyson Noel is SQUEEEE and Enjoy

You know how a song can instantly transport you to another place and time? Well, these are my top ten time travel tunes!

1. Every Breath you Take- The Police.


This was the #1 love song in high school. It’s intense, loaded with longing, and the lyrics are disturbingly stalkerish. Nonetheless it never fails to remind me of my old high school crush . . .er, whatshisname . . .

2. Desperate But Not Serious- Adam Ant.


High School. Sophomore year. I was desperately and quite seriously hot for Adam Ant and I am not ashamed to admit it. Embarrassed But Not Ashamed.

Lol me too

3. Schools Out- Alice Cooper.


Every time I hear this I’m instantly transported to the last-day-of-school-summer-blowout-pool-party a friend and I hosted at the end of sixth grade. We were only twelve, but I’m telling ya that party was epic!

4. Ca Plane Pour Moi- Plastic Bertrand


Straight from my Francophile stage when I fake-smoked Gitanes, replaced OMG with Mon Dieu!, and listened to this song more times than I care to admit.


5. Lush Life- John Coltrane


My first love introduced me to jazz. He died unexpectedly a few years back, but whenever I hear this song I can’t help but think of him.

6. Diamond Dogs- David Bowie


I had a super-cool older sister who listened to Bowie. Whenever she left the house I would listen to all of her albums and try on her clothes and make-up—then completely deny it once she caught on.

7. I Want Candy- Bow Wow Wow


One of my very first concerts was a Missing Persons & Bow Wow Wow double header. Annabella Lwin was just fourteen and completely amazing, and I was entranced!

8. Maybe I’m Amazed- Paul McCartney


I’m not sure that he knows it, but this song reminds me of my husband. I’m so grateful and amazed that I met him, and I get chills when I hear it!

9. Round Here- Counting Crows


Reminds me of when I was working as a flight attendant and living in NYC—mostly because of that line that goes: Round here we stay up very, very, very, very, very, very late! Also, Adam Duritz was the first celebrity I ever served on a flight, though many would follow!

10. Pinball Wizard- Elton John version


With this song blaring in the background, my best friend & I would watch her older brother set himself on fire then jump from the tree fort to the pool when their parents weren’t home. He later became a Navy Seal.

OMG and I thought it was sacrilege to use the Elton John song rather than The Who 

Thank you so much to Alison for writing this guest post - I adore how certain songs trigger memories. 


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  2. hahaha love this weeks Musical Moments! Great picks Alyson *sings* "EVERY BREATH YOU TAAAAAAKKKKEEEEE!!!" ahhh...


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