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Friday, 12 August 2011

Musical Moments: Help Required

As you may already be aware I started exercising again recently after a break of probably ten years when I had the oldest girly [ : D ]

I have come to the conclusion that:

A) In my head I am still as fit as when I worked in the gym. My body, as you can imagine, does not agree with my head.

B) The treadmill is now my arch-nemesis that I am utterly determined to conquer. To do this I really really really need your help.

The only way I can overcome the physical barriers that the treadmill poses is to drown it out with motivational music. This is where you guys come in.

Please please please leave me suggestions in the comment section of motivational music that will help me overcome the evil that is the treadmill [ ; D ] You know I have a love of rock music but dance music works well with exercise.

Thank you so much in advance. You guys rock *hugs*


  1. well in which case it has to be "eye of a tiger". I played it to my kids on the way into their exam once. They thought I was bonkers.

  2. anything heavy... also I know they arent amazing or anything but the first two Fall Out Boy albums are good for exercisin too as are the Foos and the first and latest MCR albums! :D

  3. Try Hitler Bad, Vandals Good by The Vandals. It's not exactly motivational but it's quick paced and utterly hilarious.


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