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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Musical Moments: Guest Post: The Soundtrack to My Life by Janice Frost

Last week we had the soundtrack for Celia's life now it's the turn of her Mum Janice. So different yet so much the same meaning. Remember as I said in a recent Musical Moments post, not only is reading subjective but so is music, we are drawn to songs that have a personal meaning to us. Enjoy and why haven't you read the book yet [ ; D ]

Title: The Truth About Celia Frost
Author: Paula Rawsthorne
Publisher: Usbourne
Publication Date: 1 Aug 2011

Synopsis: From Amazon

Celia Frost is a freak. At least that s what everyone thinks. Her life is ruled by a rare disorder that means she could bleed to death from the slightest cut, confining her to a gloomy bubble of safety. No friends. No fun. No life. But when a knife attack on Celia has unexpected consequences, her mum reacts strangely. Suddenly they re on the run. Why is her mum so scared? Someone out there knows and when they find Celia, she s going to wish the truth was a lie... A buried secret; a gripping manhunt; a dangerous deceit: what is the truth about Celia Frost?


I love all The Rat Pack stuff but this song is just the best. The view from the balcony of our flat isn’t the prettiest in the world! But when I listen to Bobby Darin’s pure voice I don’t see all the other high rises and the sprawling estate, no, I’m standing on a beautiful golden beach looking like Audrey Hepburn in big sunglasses and a straw sunhat, staring out at the bluest sea.


I adore this song! Dean Martin has a gorgeous velvety voice and, to me, this is the most joyous song ever recorded. When everything is getting on top of me, I know this song will make me smile. I need Dean Martin more than ever now. Celia is all I’ve got. I’d do anything for my daughter but I feel like I’m losing her- I see it in her eyes, they used to be full of love for me but now I just see contempt and who can blame her- I’ve messed everything up and now it’s spiralling out of control.


Now, this is what a love song should sound like, sung by the king of The Rat Pack- Ole Blue Eyes! It’s simple and from the heart and I can’t get this out of my head lately. I’m being stupid; like some daft teenager and I’ve probably got the wrong end of the stick, but, I’ve met this man, - he’s really nice, so caring. I can’t believe my luck, with everything going on with Celia he feels like a lifesaver.


This is for Celia. This is her kind of love song- hardly romantic but she loves all that Punk stuff. I wish that she was into music that didn’t sound like shouting. Sometimes she plays it so loud that the windows rattle, but I don’t mind. I’m glad she’s found something which helps her let off steam. She’s always been such a good girl but now she wants the one thing that I can’t give her – freedom.


I torture myself by loving this song. It’s like listening to my nightmares play out. A parent waking up to find that their daughter has left. My stomach knots when I listen to it but it’s just so heartbreakingly beautiful. I’ve got to make Celia understand, she can never leave me, she needs me.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Paula Rawsthorne for writing these character soundtrack posts for me. They are just so fantastic and unique, I adore them. THANK YOU

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  1. I loved this book, thought it was great. I love the soundtracks they are perfect. x


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