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Sunday, 27 March 2011

In My Mailbox #11-2011

In My Mailbox is hosted by The Story Siren giving me the oppurtunity to thank all the generous people that donate books to the school library.

Also the book buying madness induced by Jenny from Wondrous Reads.

This is one heck of a mailbox so be prepared.


Donated by the fabulous Michelle of Clover Hill Book Reviews

(I really wanted this book for the library for ages)
(my copy for the library returned among these beauties)
(again this is going to the Upper Library - I cant wait to see it fly off the shelves)
(sounds really good - passing to the Upper Library as an older age range)

Donated by the lovely Vivienne of Serendipity. Viv won 2 copies and kindly donated this one.

(Sounds so good *looks at TBR pile*)

From the publisher for a little something planned later in the year { : D

(looks at TBR pile again)

Donated by the lovely Susie Day who is also welsh and understands my welshisms on twitter <3

(the poor kids have had the first 2 books and we havent been able to get this one *happy dances)
(this is so funny. I actually prefer the layout of the US copy. Review here)
(I cant wait to read this. Shhh dont tell the kids I am reading it first)

Donated by the fantastic SC Ransom who I think may just have superpowers { : D

(keeping tight reign on this one - these tend to dissappear *glares at pupils*)

Donated by the wonderful Luisa Plaja. One of the nicest people in the entire world <3

Donated by the fab Hayley Long herself - when she found out we needed books for the library she offerd these <3

(shhh *whispers* these are going to be read by me too)


I am definately putting this down to Jenny from Wondrous Reads for encouraging me to go to The Works

(so pretty)
(had these on my wishlist for ages)
(another I have been wanting for ages)

Tempting Asda offers - the trolley goes there automatically I have no choice {: D

(I am on the verge of giving up on this series - I need an ending)
(love this cover - hoping it is better than the Wicked series as I detested the ending of that one)
(again I was swayed by the cove not realising it is the 2nd in the series)


(cover so pretty - I love pretty covers if you hadn't noticed)

Finished copy from the Publisher:

(saeriously love this book - I just cannot get it out of my head. It is staying in my permenant collection. Review here)

So that is it for this weeks mega IMM.
Huge thanks to you all for the donations they are really appreciated.
Hugs you all


  1. fab books - people in the blogging community are so nice and generous!

  2. Wow - you had a mad book week! I still can't send you my library one without your address hun.

  3. Well done for getting so many books for your library. I hope the children buy you lots of chocolate :).

  4. Dude! You had an amazing week this week!1! YAY for the library - hope they all enjoy the books! x

  5. Fab week for the library this week - I hope they appreciate you :D

  6. Holy cow! This is an awesome mailbox!! RU kidding me? I want them all! Especially Glimmerglass and the BodyFinder, Desires of the Dead and the Cursed Ones. I hope you love them all! You can stop over and check out my mailbox here:

  7. What a wonderful mailbox! You got some great donations. I know what you mean about getting a great book and wanting to read it first. I just got Sherrilyn Kenyon's Invincible which is staying at my house until I get a chance to read it before going to my HS Media Center. My YA mailbox is here. Happy reading!

  8. Great mailbox and donations! That is so wonderful! Enjoy all of your books!

  9. Wow, that seriously is a lot of books!

    I've never heard of the workd "Welshisms" before... and I'm Welsh! Hehe.

    I read If I Stay by Gayle Forman last summer and I'm looking forward to reading Where She Went when I can get my hands on it.

  10. this is a huge huge huge IMM box! I saw Damon on the cover and my heart stopped! Sighs... Damon can take my soul and I'll gladly be his blood supply if he would only forsake Elena... Dreams ... ah dreams.

    Seriously thinking of getting the Carriger series just for its covers.

  11. Great books, great books!! I've debated many times to get Glimmerglass I just never have. I do LOVE the cover! Enjoy! Have a great week!

  12. Your IMM is epic this week!!
    I hadn't heard of The Guardian Angel's Journal, but I shall definitely have a look for it now!!

    Enjoy your Haul! x

  13. Wow! You had an awesome week!
    I was going to buy Pegasus yesterday when I was in Asda and thought id wait to see if my pay cheque actually clears... I'm glad I didn't now though cos if its the second is the series I want the first one first... May have to go look for that *scurries off to amazon*

  14. Wow! What an AMAZING week in books! Where She Went was amazing, I agree. I can't wait to get my own copy of it.

  15. Awesome books this week! I hope you enjoy all of them! Thanks for stopping by my blog! New follower :D

  16. Just stopping by....

    Great haul! I really enjoyed The Iron Witch. I need to read Desires of the Dead...I liked the first one a lot. Gayle Forman is coming to TX in a few weeks....I can't wait to meet her.

    Have a great week!


  17. I think my mind just exploded from the sheer amount of books. And I WANT that HC of Mockingjay! The US covers are so much nicer than ours...
    Happy reading!

  18. Wow!! That is a huge IMM!! I see so many great titles. I'm really looking forward to reading Where She Went. :) Enjoy!

  19. Wow, so many great books! I really liked Glimmerglass, I hope you enjoy it. And The Body Finder and Desires of the Dead look fab! Happy reading :).

  20. Lucky you with Where She Went! I really want to read Gail Carriger's books.
    My IMM

  21. Amazing haul, Emma! The Body Finder is an excellent book. And oh, I love that cover of Stefan's Diaries. The book on the left, that is. I love Ian Somerhalder as Damon.
    In conclusion - I'm jealous of all of your books! I hope you enjoy them! Have a brilliant week :)
    My IMM

  22. wow that really is a MEGA post! also The Works is one of my fav places to go and snoop out cheap books!

  23. I just got Where She Went for review. I can not wait to start it! You got so many awesome books this week, enjoy all of them!

    New follower!


  24. Awesome stuff, congrats on all the new titles for your library--you've got some incredible reads there!

  25. Great stack of books! Where She Went is one of my favourites too :)

  26. O.o Awesome IMM!!! Well done on the library book donations :) I loved Glimmerglass. Have a great week!

  27. Amazing to see how generous book bloggers and authors are! I hope you love the Meg Rosoff book, she is one of my favourites. Even N read Just In Case and loved it (and he isn't much of a reader!)


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