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Monday, 21 March 2011

World Poetry Day: Guest Poem: Written by Hannah Year 8

It is my pleasure to showcase one of my year 8 pupils poems. This I have to admit is not one of my favourite pieces by her, but as her poetry is very personal (and stunning) I don't think she felt able to share the more emotional pieces just yet. Especially for the read aloud session which will include boys from her class (we all know how sensitive teenagers can be to criticism). This poem is very thought provoking and I imagine it reflects the turmoil faced by teenagers daily. I was informed after editing this post that the poem was written after watching the Saw movie *shudders*


Can't stand the blood?
Can't stand the pain?
These are the rules to my sadistic little game.

You can cut but you can't cry,
You can bleed but cannot die,
You can shriek but still feel pain,
My sadistic little game.

You can cry and I'll still gloat,
Silver chains around your throat,
And you are all to blame,
In my sadistic little game.

You can beg and I won't hear,
Rusty blood dried around my ear,
Soon you will be the same,
In my sadistic little game.

Think of your precious lovers lips,
Like barbed wire until the kiss,
Dying of merciless shame,
My sadistic little game.

White noise banging in your ears,
Your spirit slowly disappears,
Mumbling ancient text,
Join the game or you'll be next.


  1. Wow! This girls got talent!! The poems amazing! *tries not to be jealous of 12 year old!* lol

  2. wow what a fantastic and powerful poem. This is great. x


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